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Dustin Drummond, co-owner of Voda Swim, shares how partnering with ShipNetwork allowed his company to grow while maintaining its customer service level.

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Dustin Drummond, Co-owner of Voda Swim

Case Study: How ShipNetwork Helped Voda Swim Achieve Success


Voda Swim, a revolutionary bikini design company founded by international model Yulia and her husband Dustin, embarked on a mission to redefine the bikini experience for women. Their innovative Envy Push-Up bikini, designed to flatter smaller-chested women while providing lift and support, quickly gained popularity and became the go-to choice for fashion-conscious women worldwide.


As Voda Swim's popularity grew, the company faced the challenge of managing shipping, customer service, and returns efficiently, especially after relocating from California to Nevada. To optimize their operations and maintain the high level of customer service they had built over the years, they decided to outsource these functions to ShipNetwork.

The Decision to Outsource

Dustin Drummond, Co-Owner of Voda Swim, explained their decision:

"We really wanted our shipping, customer service, and returns all in one central location to optimize efficiency."

Transition and Concerns

Initially, Dustin had concerns about whether outsourcing would affect the exceptional customer service Voda Swim was known for. However, those concerns were quickly addressed. After a week of training, their dedicated customer service representative, Michele, seamlessly took over their customer service operations. Dustin was impressed with the smooth transition and Michele's dedication to their account.

Continued Success with ShipNetwork

Over the years, Michele was promoted, and Lydia was brought in as their new customer service representative. Dustin noted, "Lydia is extremely thorough, timely in her replies, patient with customers, proactive, and needs very little guidance. She is not directly our employee but works only on our account, dealing with our customer service inquiries, returns, and shipping assistance for our more difficult orders." ShipNetwork's service allowed Dustin to save time and resources while ensuring excellent customer service.

Highly Recommend ShipNetwork

When asked about his experience outsourcing customer service to ShipNetwork, Dustin Drummond had high praise:

"I would highly recommend all companies that are interested in outsourcing their customer service and fulfillment to consider working with ShipNetwork. The system and high-quality staff that ShipNetwork has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own. It is a huge weight off our shoulders knowing that every day our customers are receiving high-quality service as well as fast shipping on all their orders."


Voda Swim's partnership with ShipNetwork not only streamlined their operations but also enabled them to maintain the high level of customer service that defines their brand. With ShipNetwork's support, Voda Swim continues to thrive and serve women worldwide with their innovative and flattering swimwear designs.

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