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Discover how ShipNetwork became the lifeline for this rapidly expanding business, shipping over 10k units a month through exceptional support, transparency, and care.

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sustainable underwear brand 3pl partner success

A Partner, Not Just a Provider: ShipNetwork's Unique Approach

In the world of business logistics, finding a partner who truly understands your needs and collaborates seamlessly with you is a challenge. However, one company's remarkable success story with ShipNetwork serves as a testament to the power of teamwork, efficiency, and unwavering support in the logistics industry.

Navigating Rapid Business Expansion with ShipNetwork's Expertise

"We needed a 3PL that could work WITH us, not for us, to be treated like a partner. ShipNetwork has shown that they are up for the task. We were struggling to find a 3PL that could manage our rapidly expanding business, shipping over 10k units a month...". We don't just handle logistics; we become an integral part of your success journey.

sustainable underwear brand 3pl partner success

Where Customer Service Meets Innovation

From the very beginning, we were more than just a service provider. We seamlessly integrated into the client's operations, taking care of every aspect, from customer service to freight forwarding, account management, and even offering creative solutions. In the dynamic world of business, having a partner that adapts to your needs and offers tailored solutions is invaluable.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Business Growth Together Through Exceptional Client Support

One of the standout features we often hear about is our exceptional customer service. Our account manager was not just supportive but also understanding, guiding the client through the ups and downs of a growing business. Regular meetings with our client became something to look forward to, a testament to our dedication.

Our client was facing a dire situation with a different 3PL. ShipNetwork stepped in during the 25th hour, the day before Thanksgiving, and despite the busy peak season schedule, we moved the client's operations to our facility in Q4. This timely rescue operation played a significant role in saving the client's business.

Transparent Rates and Efficient Order Fulfillment for Smooth Shipping Operations

Clarity and transparency in rate structures make it easy for the client to understand and apply them. Our transparency extended to their efficient shipping processes, ensuring that orders flew out the door without hitches.

ShipNetwork's unique blend of professionalism, execution, and unwavering commitment to our clients is what sets us apart, whether you're a small business on the rise or a large corporation seeking improvements in your 3PL services. In an industry where promises often fall short, ShipNetwork stands out as a symbol of reliability, consistently delivering on our commitments. Our ability to be on time, adapt to changing forecasts, and provide exceptional service with a smile is the ShipNetwork difference.

sustainable underwear brand 3pl partner success

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