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Learn how ShipNetwork revolutionized the fulfillment operations of a shape-wear brand, resulting in faster fulfillment and streamlined workflows. Discover their strategic partnership with leading eCommerce integrations and automation that transformed the online retailer's operations.

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Transforming Shape-Wear: Enhancing Success with Accelerated Fulfillment and Streamlined Workflows

A thriving online shape-wear brand, rated 4.4/5 stars with over 24K reviews, embarked on a quest to find the perfect fulfillment partner that could meet their specific needs. They were determined to discover a solution that would not only provide timely and accurate updates on order fulfillment but also seamlessly integrate with their Shopify store and Warehouse Management System (WMS). After trying out several integrations like CartRover, the online retail brand faced disappointment due to inflexible technology, limited client support, and inaccurate delivery promises. The head of logistics at the 5-star online retailer expressed their frustration, stating, "It’s difficult to find an integration on the market that solves all your fulfillment issues, provides the right features and automations, and still allows for flexibility." However, the search for the ideal fulfillment partner came to an end when the innovative shape-wear brand joined forces with ShipNetwork, a leading 3PL provider powered by a robust network of procurement centers across the U.S.

The Game-Changing Partnership

ShipNetwork presented the brand with a comprehensive solution that not only automated their mechanical tasks but also seamlessly integrated with their existing 3PL. Two aspects of ShipNetwork proved invaluable in transforming the online retailer's fulfillment operations:

  1. Partnership with leading eCommerce integrations: ShipNetwork strategically partnered with various eCommerce integrations such as ShipStation, Loop, and Shopify. This collaboration paved the way for dynamic eCommerce shipping and fulfillment solutions for online merchants.
  2. Automation of mechanical tasks: By automating repetitive tasks, ShipNetwork liberated time and energy for the retailer’s team, enabling them to concentrate on more critical aspects of their business.

The Impact

Since partnering with ShipNetwork, the successful shape-wear brand has experienced significant improvements in their fulfillment operations. Leveraging ShipNetwork's integration with PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ), the online merchants successfully streamlined their fulfillment functions by:

  • Seamless Implementation: ShipNetwork proficiently handled all steps from order placement to packing, facilitated by PDQ’s quickflows and automation batching.
  • Streamlined Shipping Services: ShipNetwork's Xparcel technology ensured that the shipping label always routed to the quickest and most cost-effective carrier.
  • Passing the Baton: ShipNetwork's trusted shipping partners picked up packages for the final handoff to customers, ensuring a seamless delivery process.
  • Effective Handling Management: Any issues with an order or shipment were automatically notified through PDQ’s CRM, allowing for swift resolution.

As a result, the brand not only saved time and reduced human error but also processed orders faster and enhanced user experiences. ShipNetwork's strategic partnership with PDQ allows for faster automations of workflows, providing the best experience possible for both customers and the fulfillment team.


The shape-wear brand's success story with ShipNetwork serves as a testament to the power of leveraging the right tech solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Through their partnership, the innovative shape-wear brand has achieved accelerated fulfillment and streamlined workflows, setting a new benchmark in the online clothing industry.

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