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Lowers shipping costs without compromising on service with Xparcel Expedited.

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Xparcel Expedited

Why Choose Xparcel Expedited?

Xparcel Expedited is ideal for eCommerce retailers looking for the best combination of price and service, with average transit times of 2-5 days.

Cost Savings


Xparcel Expedited

Balancing Speed and Cost
Xparcel Expedited offers the perfect equilibrium between rapid delivery and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your shipments are timely without breaking the bank.
Transit Window:

2-5 Days

Benefits of Xparcel Expedited?

Exclusively for ShipNetwork clients, Xparcel changes the game for online retailers by optimizing shipping speeds and dependable delivery without increasing costs. Here’s how:

Competitive Price and Service

Select the optimal shipping speed for every package shipped. Xparcel Expedited allows online businesses to increase customer satisfaction with faster shipping, at lower shipping costs.
Cost Savings


2-5 Day Transit Times

With Xparcel Expedited eCommerce retailers can deliver on customer expectations of fast shipping with an average of 2-5 day transit times.
Transit Window:

2-5 Days

Lower Shipping Costs

Take advantage of our national and regional shipping carriers to save on shipping costs. By combining the power of a unified national and regional shipping network, retailers can leverage the shipping speeds their customers demand at a cost that positively impacts their bottom line.

Alternative Xparcel Solutions for Your Business

Xparcel Expedited Plus

Enhanced Service, Cost-Saving Benefits
Experience the best of both worlds with Xparcel Expedited Plus, combining superior service with the cost-saving advantages of Xparcel.
Transit Window:

2-4 Days

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Xparcel International

Your Gateway to Global Shipping
Bridging markets with seamless solutions, Xparcel International expands your reach. Ship worldwide with confidence, knowing your international deliveries are in expert hands.
Transit Window:

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FAQs for Xparcel Expedited

How long will it take an Xparcel Expedited shipment to be delivered?

Xparcel Expedited shipments have an average of 2-5 day transit times.

Is Xparcel only available for packages of a certain weight?

No. Xparcel can be utilized for packages up to 150 lbs.

How will Xparcel determine the best ship method?

Xparcel analyzes a shipment's package size, point of origin and destination. Xparcel will also take into consideration dimensional weight, oversize fees, and any seasonal surcharges when selecting the optimal shipping method.

Who is the carrier for my Xparcel packages?

Xparcel automatically selects the best carrier(s) who can meet the delivery time frame and cost based on the origin and destination of the package. ShipNetwork uses a basket of national and regional carriers to determine the optimal shipping carrier(s).

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