Shipping Sustainability at ShipNetwork

As a leader in the logistics and fulfillment sector, we are committed to integrating sustainable practices throughout our operations, minimizing environmental impact,and fostering a culture of responsibility and innovation

Sustainable Solutions in Fulfillment

We use minimal packaging that is 100% recyclable. We don't use plastic in any of our standard shipping mailers or boxes.

We have strategically redesigned our packaging solutions to reduce waste, utilizing minimal packaging without compromising the safety and integrity of the products we deliver. This initiative not only decreases material use but also lowers carbon emissions associated with the production and transportation of packaging materials.

Sustainable Solutions in Fulfillment
Minimal Packaging for Shipping

Recyclable Materials

In our pursuit of sustainability, all standard shipping mailers and boxes used in our operations are made from materials that are 100% recyclable. We have eliminated the use of plastic in our standard packaging, aligning our practices with global efforts to reduce plastic waste and its detrimental effects on the environment.

Our Future Environmental Initiatives

We are dedicated to the ongoing assessment and improvement of our environmental footprint. Our future initiatives focus on broad strategies aimed at enhancing sustainability across all facets of our operations. These include:

  • Continuously exploring and implementing more sustainable materials and processes.
  • Enhancing our operational efficiency to further reduce environmental impact.
  • Engaging with our partners, clients, and community to promote environmental awareness and collective action towards sustainability.

These efforts, though broad, are essential pillars of our commitment to environmental stewardship. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication, we strive not only to meet but exceed our sustainability goals, setting new standards for the logistics and fulfillment industry.

Sustainable Solutions in Fulfillment

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