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Benefits of EDI

Faster processing

Faster processing

Faster processing

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a method for exchanging business documents with trading partners, including suppliers, customers, carriers, 3PLs, or other supply chain connections. EDI replaces paper documents and manual business processes to streamline incoming and outgoing document types like purchase orders, advance ship notices, and other documents.

EDI transactions create and exchange electronic documents that use standardized EDI formats, called transaction codes, for easy ingestion and use by many businesses. This technology allows for sync with tens, hundreds or even thousands of other companies’ business processes and rules.

Some of the types of business systems to which EDI can connect include eCommercesolutions, ERP, WMS, CMS, accounting software and more. All trading partners have different business rules for required EDI documents, EDI testing, connection methods and other requirements.

ShipNetwork partners with SPS Commerce, a leading third party full service EDI provider that delivers cloud based technology and associated staffing resources that customize, optimize and operate the technology for efficient business processes

How it Works: EDI Transaction Codes

ShipNetwork currently supports electronic purchase orders, advance ship notices, and electronic inventory updates to retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Target,, Nordstrom, and Bed Bath & Beyond via the following EDI transaction codes

EDI 850:

The EDI 850 is an electronic Purchase Order sent from a buyer to a seller requesting goods or services. It is usually sent to a seller/vendor as the first step in the ordering process, and can be used both for a single purchase, for recurring purchases, or to delete or amend an order as specified by the buyer.

The electronic purchase order outlines what products buyers want to order and in what quantities. It also describes when buyers want to receive the products and where they should be shipped to (such as a distribution center, a store or the end consumer).

EDI 856

The primary purpose of the EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN)/Manifestisto provide detailed information about a pending delivery of goods. It is typically sent from a product supplier or a third-party logistics provider to a retailer or distributor, to advise of a shipment. It is required by many major retailers to be sent in a specific timeframe before the product arrives at the retailer’s distribution center or store.

The ASN describes the contents that have been shipped as well as the carrier moving the order, the size of the shipment, ship date and in some cases estimated delivery date.

EDI 846:

The EDI 846 is an electronic version of a paper inventory update, also known as Inventory Inquiry/Advice. It is most commonly used by retailers to inquire about a supplier’s inventory levels and for suppliers to advise on the number of units they have on hand. This document also informs the retailer what inventory will be available in the future.

An EDI 846 can be sent by suppliers at different frequencies, ranging from multiple times a day to a few times a week. The Inventory Inquiry/Advice is often used in e-commerce order fulfillment, specifically for drop shipping, where the retailer controls the eCommerce website.

Getting Started with EDI

If you’re ready to expand your sales channels with big box retailers through EDI, ShipNetwork is ready to support you. For more information regarding EDI and B2B fulfillment with merchants like Walmart, Amazon, Target,, Nordstrom, and Bed Bath & Beyondcontact a fulfillment advisor today.