Fulfillment EDI Integrations

Integrate your fulfillment and shipping with big box retailers through our EDI integration, streamlining your operations and expanding your market reach seamlessly.

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Fulfillment EDI Integration: Expand Your Reach with Big Box Retailers

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a standardized communication method that allows businesses to exchange information electronically, from purchase orders to invoices, with their partners and vendors. This technology streamlines processes by replacing traditional paper-based communications, reducing errors, and speeding up transaction times.

How EDI Works

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) streamlines communication for ShipNetwork fulfillment, allowing fast electronic exchanges and cutting down on paper and manual work.

Benefits of EDI

EDI enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, and accelerates transaction processes, enabling businesses to improve supply chain reliability and customer satisfaction.

EDI Capabilities

Our EDI integrations enable seamless data exchange, automatically transmitting crucial documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications to connected big box retailers.

Scalable EDI Solutions

ShipNetwork partners with SPS Commerce for EDI solutions that are not just advanced but also tailored, ensuring your business's unique needs are met and processes are optimized.

Benefits of EDI Integration

ShipNetwork works directly with leading EDI technology partners to support EDI fulfillment and shipping with big box retailers for wholesale orders and direct-to-consumer drop shipping.

Our EDI fulfillment and shipping service makes it possible for eCommerce retailers of every size to expand their business to new audiences, without worrying about the complexities of managing an EDI integration. Existing ShipNetwork clients can get started selling in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Benefit 1
Faster Processing

Automated communications for faster processing. Purchase orders, invoices, and advanced ship notices are digitally transmitted via EDI.

Benefit 2
Increased Accuracy

Eliminating the human error factor that comes with manual order submissions and communications for improved accuracy.

Benefit 2
More Opportunities

Remove the barrier to entry of working with big box retailers who require EDI formatting to unlock more selling opportunities.

Simple Setup for Your Fulfillment

When you put your trust in ShipNetwork for your fulfillment needs, you’re partnering with an experienced team of logistics experts. We take the complexity out of logistics with simple set up and integration. Here’s what you can expect when getting started.


Integrate your Shopping Cart or
eCommerce Platform


Ship your Inventory to our
Fulfillment Center Network


Orders are Received and Routed,
Picked, Packed, and Shipped

How it Works: EDI Transaction Codes

ShipNetwork currently supports electronic purchase orders, advance ship notices, and electronic inventory updates to retailers via the following EDI transaction codes

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EDI fulfillment

EDI 850: Purchase Order

The EDI 850 serves as an electronic request for goods or services, transmitted from a purchaser to a supplier. Typically the initial stage in the procurement process, this digital order can address one-time, repetitive, or even modifications to existing orders as dictated by the purchaser.

This digital order details the specific items and their quantities that the buyer wishes to procure. Additionally, it stipulates the desired delivery time and the designated receiving location, which could be a distribution hub, a retail outlet, or directly to the final consumer.

EDI fulfillment

EDI 856: Advance ShipNotice (ASN)

The EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN)/Manifest primarily offers comprehensive insights regarding an impending shipment of products. Generally dispatched by the product supplier or a third-party logistics specialist to a retailer or distributor, its main aim is to notify about a shipment. Many leading retailers mandate its submission within a predetermined period prior to the product's arrival at the retailer's warehouse or outlet.

This ASN details the shipped items, the transport agency handling the order, the shipment's dimensions, dispatch date, and occasionally, the anticipated delivery date.

EDI fulfillment

EDI 846: Inventory Inquiry/Advice

The EDI 846 functions as a digital counterpart to the traditional paper-based inventory update, often referred to as Inventory Inquiry/Advice. Predominantly, retailers utilize it to question a supplier's stock levels, while suppliers employ it to communicate the quantity of units they possess. This document additionally provides retailers insight into future inventory availability. The frequency of EDI 846 transmission by suppliers can vary, ranging from several times daily to just a few times weekly.

This Inventory Inquiry/Advice is particularly significant in e-commerce order handling, especially in drop shipping scenarios where the retailer oversees the eCommerce platform.

ShipNetwork's Happy Clients

Our clients love that ShipNetwork keeps shipping costs low, accelerates delivery times, and offers scalability. Read some of our client success stories.

"First, ShipNetwork provides a unique breadth of experience as well as a willingness to work with companies like ourselves that are scaling up. Their personalized service lets us know we will not be lost in the proverbial sauce."
eCommerce Company
We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillment centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillment center.” - Craig Davis, CEO
Vet Organics
ShipNetwork can manage inventory, pick & pack orders, track shipments, handle returns, and receive merchandise with much greater efficiency than I ever could because those are their core competencies. - CEO
Apparel Company
We were able to grow our website sales this year significantly. We could have never done this if we didn't have a resource like you guys. This year so far is probably 10 times what we did last year. You guys have been awesome in helping grow our business.
Natural Foods Company
The ShipNetwork SmartFill system gives us a great deal of control over our fulfillment. The fact that our orders are automatically uploaded and processed is a huge point for us, and the ability to access our order data with the system is unparalleled.  - Michael Leung, CEO, Sleepypod