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Faster Shipping, Lower Costs with Xparcel
eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Customized Transparent Pricing

No two businesses are the same. Our custom pricing meets your business needs today and scales as you grow. Contact us to get started for a free quote.

Fulfillment Strategy Guides
Faster Shipping, Lower Costs with Xparcel
eCommerce Fulfillment Services
Bringing eCommerce Success with Over 50,000,000 Packages in Shipping Power

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Why Customized Pricing?

That’s simple—the needs of our clients are varied and there is no one size fits all fulfillment model. We pivot to accommodate the unique needs of our clients based on factors such as order volume, average product weight and size, SKU mix, inventory storage, specialized processes including product handling and packing, and more.

How Does Pricing Work?

During a discovery call, our team will do a deep dive into your product, shipping, and handling requirements. We will walk through the factors mentioned above as well as what a typical order looks like and how you want it to be packed and shipped. We will make recommendations to cut down on costs with optimized packaging and increase the speed of delivery for your customers with optimized ship methods.

Following a discovery call, we’ll put together a proposal for fulfillment services based on the information gathered. The proposal will be broken down into two sections: fulfillment service pricing and shipping service pricing. Included in your pricing are monthly order volume ranges that allow you to further save on fulfillment costs as your business grows. This proposal will be reviewed with you to ensure that our expectations are fully aligned with your business’s best interests.

Ground-breaking 1-2 Day Shipping
at Ground Rates.

You've got customers across the country. We’ve got fulfillment centers across the map.
Don’t overspend on expedited shipping— reach 98% of the U.S. within two days via ground shipping with our nationwide network.

Take Advantage of Over 50 Million Packages in Purchasing Power