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From product procurement to moving products across the country or even around the world, SmartFreight can get your product to where it needs to go efficiently and economically.

Scale your eCommerce Brand with Over 50 MILLION Packages in Shipping Power

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Make a Commitment to Your Customers With Confidence

With ShipNetwork, guaranteeing accurate orders and fast shipping to your customers is easy. With our eCommerce order fulfillment services, you get:

  • 100% Order Accuracy Guarantee
  • 100% Order Turnaround by Next Business Day
  • 1-2 Day Ground Shipping via Our 2-Day Delivery Network

ShipNetwork is helping us strategically manage inventory across their network of warehouses to optimize space and minimize storage costs.


Jay Tannenbaum, CEO

We used 2 other warehouses before ShipNetwork, and I can honestly say that it feels like ShipNetwork has the best of all worlds – unbeatable prices, exemplary service, perfect consistency. I’m grateful to be your customer!

Morrison Outdoors

Founder, CEO

I would definitely recommend ShipNetwork, especially for businesses that are looking to expand… It still feels like our company, but like you are just an extension of that.

Natural Foods Company

Founder, CEO

Our Order Fulfillment Process:

When you put your trust in ShipNetwork for your fulfillment needs, you’re partnering with an experienced team of logistics experts. Here’s how we deliver the best eCommerce experience for both you and your customers.

1. Deliver Items to Warehouse

Depending on which of our fulfillment centers is closest to you and your customers, you can ship your inventory to our warehouses in bulk. After receiving your products, we will store them in our warehouse, where they can be easily located, picked, and packed for your customer orders right away.

2.  Picking

When your customers place an online order, the details of that order are immediately routed to our fulfillment center through our SmartFill fulfillment management platform. It tells us exactly what items are included in the order so we can quickly locate the products in our warehouse, gather them, and carefully pack them.

3.  Packing

Our experienced ShipNetwork warehouse teams prepare each order for shipping by carefully packing every item using durable boxes, materials, and tape. Once the package is securely sealed, the shipping label is attached and scanned, and your inventory levels are updated.

4.  Shipping

Our 2-Day Delivery Network then picks up the package for shipping and delivery to your customer. You and your customers can track orders through our eCommerce shipping partners, which include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. With Xparcel, we will help you choose the shipping service that minimizes the transit time and shipping cost for you.

5.  Returns

Even when orders are 100% accurate and delivered on time, there will still be a small percentage of returns from customers who decide they no longer need the product or find the item does not meet their particular needs. We offer complete return management services and the restocking of returned items to your inventory when appropriate.

Request a Quote

To learn more about our order fulfillment services and how we can help you enhance your customer experience, contact our team for a quote today!

From Pick-Up to Drop-Off, SmartFreight Handles the Entire Process

Our in-house team of freight experts handles all your domestic and international freight service needs. From importing manufactured goods to transporting pallet orders within the U.S., the SmartFreight team manages it all.

Lower Freight Costs

Our exclusive SmartFreight technology is an all-in-one, turn-key freight service designed to provide the most efficient and economical transportation solution to move and manage freight.

No-Hassle Comparison Shopping

ShipNetwork will shop for competitive rates for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) shipments to help you choose the most cost-effective and efficient transportation solution for your freight needs.

Door-to-Door Tracking

Stay on top of your freight transportation with accurate updates and tracking. From the point of origin to the end destination, ShipNetwork helps you stay organized and informed.

Comprehensive Freight Management

Our freight service team prepares the rate quote, creates the bill of lading, books the carrier, schedules the pickup, alerts the shipper or consignee of the estimated delivery date, and provides the customer with proof of delivery.

ShipNetwork is ready to partner with you as your trusted 3PL freight provider. We can streamline the freight process by covering every aspect of freight management, so you can focus on growing your thriving eCommerce business. Contact us today to learn more!

Take Advantage of Over 50 Million Packages in Purchasing Power

1-2 Day Shipping at Ground Rates.
1-2 Day Shipping at Ground Rates.
1-2 Day Shipping at Ground Rates.
Be Closer to your customers.
1-2 Day Shipping at Ground Rates.
A nationwide network of fulfillment centers.
be closer to your customers.
A nationwide network of fulfillment centers.
Be Closer to your customers.
A nationwide network of fulfillment centers.
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Connect With Key Shipping & Platform Partners

Work with your favorite eCommerce platforms and preferred shipping partners to maximize your shipping power. Take advantage of our established relationships with key shipping carriers and volume discounts to save on shipping costs and transit times.

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Trust the experts to give your customers the shipping experience they deserve, all while saving you time and money.

3PL Services FAQs

What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is defined as the transportation of large shipments of goods, either domestically or internationally. Generally, products are loaded onto pallets or into large containers and transported by air, ground, sea, or a combination of these transportation methods.

What types of goods can I ship via freight?

Almost any product can be shipped by freight. However, it’s essential to check specific carrier rules, domestic regulations, or international laws when preparing to ship your goods via freight. Rules may vary depending on where you ship and what you’re shipping. Also, you may not be able to ship hazardous materials or temperature-sensitive items by freight.

Is there a difference between parcel and freight?

If your shipment exceeds the dimensions of 30x30x30 inches or weighs more than 150 lbs., it can be classified as freight. When a shipment falls under these dimensions, it’s typically considered parcel shipment.

What modes of transportation are used to move freight?

Freight can be moved using different modes of transportation, including by truck, rail, sea, or air. The most typical combinations include rail, trucks, and ships to move freight from one destination to another. Air shipments tend to be more expensive because of the weight of shipping freight.

How much does shipping freight cost?

How much freight shipments cost depends on several factors. When estimating the cost of shipping your freight, consider which mode of transportation is appropriate, the size and weight of the goods you are shipping, the end destination, and whether you have special handling needs for your packages. These factors will all have an impact on the overall cost. At ShipNetwork, we take guessing out of the equation by shopping for the best freight shipping rates for you! Learn more by contacting our team today.