ShipNetwork Xparcel:
A Dynamic Shipping Method

ShipNetwork's exclusive shipping method automatically selects the best shipping route for every online order. Get the best all-in shipping rate and service for improved customer satisfaction and improved cost savings.

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Elevate Your Ecommerce Shipping with Xparcel

Unmatched Flexibility

Leverage a vast network of shipping carrier options to ensure your products are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lower Shipping Costs

Save on shipping without compromising service quality with optimized shipping routes that deliver on transit expectations.

Simplify Your Logistics

Let Xparcel handle the logistics complexity, providing you with a seamless, efficient shipping experience that scales with you.

Streamline Your Shipping, Simplify Your Logistics

Embrace the simplicity of shipping with Xparcel, where the complexity of managing multiple carriers is replaced with a unified, optimized shipping method. Enjoy the benefits of a diverse carrier network without the hassle.

With Xparcel, you gain the advantages of a vast carrier network while eliminating the need for managing numerous carrier accounts, negotiating contracts, or dealing with multiple claims processes. ShipNetwork simplifies your shipping operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Additional Benefits of ShipNetwork's Xparcel

Wide range of carriers and shipping options​
Best combination of price and service
Optimize 100% of your shipping volume
Consolidated invoicing and tracking
Simple shipping setup with ShipNetwork
Streamlined shipping and fulfillment
Control over transit expectations
Dynamically adjust to market conditions
Complex rate shop with the click of a button

Domestic Shipping
With Xparcel

Experience unmatched efficiency and reliability with optimized nationwide shipping. Xparcel ensures every ecommerce delivery is smooth and cost-effective.

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International Shipping With Xparcel

Expand your global reach seamlessly with Xparcel International. Our optimized international shipping method provides efficient, affordable, and reliable delivery for cross-border ecommerce.

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Faster Shipping, Lower Rates
with Xparcel

Shipping made your way—from price to service on every package shipped—take control of your business. Keep shipping costs low and customer satisfaction high with ShipNetwork's Xparcel.

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Xparcel Ground

Max Savings with Efficient Delivery
Optimize your shipping with Xparcel Ground. Ideal for cost-effective, reliable deliveries, our ground shipping option is perfect for non-urgent shipments where value meets versatility.
Average Transit Window:

3-8 Days

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Xparcel Expedited

Best Combination of Speed and Cost
Xparcel Expedited offers the optimal mix of speed and cost. This service is designed to provide a reliable, yet cost-effective option for faster shipping needs without the premium.
Average Transit Window:

2-5 Days

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Xparcel Priority

Premium Option for Fast Delivery
Xparcel Priority is where speed meets excellence, offering the fastest shipping speed option. This shipping method is ideal for businesses who are prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Average Transit Window:

1-3 Days

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3-8 Days
Transit Window
2-5 Days
Transit Window
Expedited Plus
2-4 Days
Transit Window
1-3 Days
Transit Window
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Transit Window
Transit Time
Weight Limit
1 oz - ? lbs.
1 oz - ? lbs.
1 oz - ? lbs.
1 oz - ? lbs.
Key Features
Cost-effective for less time-sensitive shipments; focuses on reliability and savings.
Balances speed with cost; ideal for regular shipments.
Combines speed of Priority with cost efficiency of Expedited.
Cost-effective for less time-sensitive shipments; focuses on reliability and savings.

Xparcel FAQs

Can my customers get tracking information with Xparcel?

Tracking information is available for all Xparcel shipments. Most shipments can be tracked via Firstmile Tracking, with the exception of UPS shipments, which can be tracked via The tracking number provided can be utilized through several platforms such as, the carrier’s website, even some search engines like google will recognize the tracking number.

Do you offer client support for Xparcel services?

ShipNetwork offers client support for Xparcel via ShipNetwork's Client Success. The Client Success team includes service representatives based in the U.S. who will help your business make the most of our shipping and fulfillment services. Contact our team today for a quote!

What areas does Xparcel cover?

With Xparcel, you can reach your customers anywhere in the continental United States with faster shipping and lower costs. We have an extensive network of fulfillment centers across the country, which all play a major role in reducing transit times between the point of origin and your customers.

Where are your fulfillment centers located?

ShipNetwork has warehousing and fulfillment centers in Anaheim, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Reno, NV, Salt Lake City, UT, Carlstadt, NJ, Olean, NY, Scranton, PA, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Houston, TX. As part of your overall fulfillment strategy, Xparcel utilizes all our locations while factoring in shipping costs and transit times to find the most cost-effective shipping solution for you.

Connect With Key Shipping & Platform Partners

Work with your favorite eCommerce platforms and preferred shipping partners to maximize your shipping power. Take advantage of our established relationships with key shipping carriers and volume discounts to save on shipping costs and transit times.

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