Distributed Fulfillment

ShipNetwork's distributed fulfillment reduces shipping times and costs using multiple warehouses. With seamless API integration and 100% order accuracy, we also offer returns management, kitting, and subscription box fulfillment

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Why Choose ShipNetwork for Distributed Fulfillment?

In the rapidly evolving world of eCommerce, having a single warehouse can limit your growth potential. ShipNetwork offers distributed fulfillment solutions designed to help you reach more customers, faster. By leveraging our network of strategically located warehouses, you can reduce shipping times, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Expand Your Reach with ShipNetwork

Faster Delivery Times: With multiple fulfillment centers, your products are closer to your customers, resulting in faster delivery times and happier customers.

Cost-Effective Shipping: Reduce shipping costs by minimizing the distance packages travel, which can also lower the carbon footprint of your deliveries.

Scalability: Easily scale your operations to meet increasing demand without the need for significant capital investment in new warehouses.

Improved Inventory Management: Optimize inventory levels across various locations to ensure products are always available where they are needed most.

Order Fulfillment Process: Step by Step

1. Deliver Items to Warehouse

Depending on which of our fulfillment centers is closest to you and your customers, you can ship your inventory to our warehouses in bulk. After receiving your products, we will store them in our warehouse, where they can be easily located, picked, and packed for your customer orders right away.

2.  Picking Items From
Online Order

When your customers place an online order, the details of that order are immediately routed to our fulfillment center through our SmartFill fulfillment management platform. It tells us exactly what items are included in the order so we can quickly locate the products in our warehouse, gather them, and carefully pack them.

3. Packing Items
Ordered Online

Our experienced ShipNetwork warehouse teams prepare each order for shipping by carefully packing every item using durable boxes, materials, and tape. Once the package is securely sealed, the shipping label is attached and scanned, and your inventory levels are updated.

4.  Shipping

Our 2-Day Delivery Network then picks up the package for shipping and delivery to your customer. You and your customers can track orders through our eCommerce shipping partners, which include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. With Xparcel, we will help you choose the shipping service that minimizes the transit time and shipping cost for you.

5.  Returns

Even when orders are 100% accurate and delivered on time, there will still be a small percentage of returns from customers who decide they no longer need the product or find the item does not meet their particular needs. We offer complete return management services and the restocking of returned items to your inventory when appropriate.

3PL Services FAQs

What is distributed fulfillment and how does it work?

Distributed fulfillment involves using multiple strategically located warehouses to store and ship products. This approach reduces shipping times and costs by positioning inventory closer to customers, enhancing overall delivery efficiency.

How does distributed fulfillment benefit my eCommerce business?

By leveraging multiple warehouses, you can offer faster shipping options, reduce shipping costs, and improve customer satisfaction. This scalability also allows you to handle higher order volumes without the need for significant capital investment in new facilities.

Can ShipNetwork integrate with my existing eCommerce platform?

Yes, ShipNetwork offers seamless API integrations with various eCommerce platforms. This allows for efficient management of orders, inventory, and fulfillment processes across all your sales channels​​.

How does ShipNetwork ensure order accuracy in a distributed fulfillment model?

ShipNetwork guarantees 100% order accuracy through robust systems and processes. Our team ensures that each order is picked, packed, and shipped correctly from any of our fulfillment centers​​.

What additional services does ShipNetwork offer to complement distributed fulfillment?

Alongside distributed fulfillment, ShipNetwork provides eCommerce returns management, kitting services, subscription box fulfillment, and specialized services like lot tracking and climate control​​.

How does distributed fulfillment help in managing returns more efficiently?

With multiple return centers, ShipNetwork can process returns faster and more efficiently. This localized approach reduces the time and cost associated with shipping returns back to a central location​​.

Can I customize the fulfillment strategy based on my business needs?

Yes, ShipNetwork allows you to tailor your fulfillment strategy. You can choose from various shipping speeds and services to match your budget and timeline requirements, ensuring optimal delivery solutions for your customers​​.

What are the cost implications of switching to a distributed fulfillment model?

While there may be initial setup costs, distributed fulfillment can significantly reduce long-term shipping costs by minimizing the distance packages travel. Additionally, it can lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business, boosting overall profitability​​.

How does ShipNetwork handle inventory management across multiple warehouses?

ShipNetwork uses advanced inventory management systems to track and optimize inventory levels across all fulfillment centers. This ensures products are always available where they are needed most, reducing stockouts and excess inventory​​.

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Distributed Fulfillment with ShipNetwork

Distributed Fulfillment

ShipNetwork's distributed fulfillment reduces shipping times and costs using multiple warehouses. With seamless API integration and 100% order accuracy, we also offer returns management, kitting, and subscription box fulfillment

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