Scott Riddle, COO of ShipNetwork

Scott Riddle

Chief Operating Officer

Scott is the Chief Operating Officer of ShipNetwork, the network uniquely built to optimize and control your eCommerce shipping experience--delivering orders faster while spending less. ShipNetwork lets you take advantage of 50 million packages in purchasing power, offering the best combination of price and service, all using data-driven technology to deliver a complete, end-to-end service experience. As COO, Scott is in charge of aligning and operationalizing the company's fundamental principles, finding efficiencies for clients, and developing creative solutions for today's eCommerce business challenges.

Scott is a natural-born problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is passionate about finding new ways to get things done and believes that "there is almost always a way if one is willing to challenge the status quo." Under his leadership, he plans to further expand the ShipNetwork platform to service clients' larger aspirational goals in retail distribution, providing the best value in the fulfillment space.

Growing up, his father worked in military logistics, moving men and machines around the world. With logistics running in the family, Scott started his career as a business management trainee, where he got to experience all of the operational and support areas of the business. Prior to ShipNetwork, Scott spent over 25 years in the Transportation and Logistics industry, developing products and services from the ground up and serving in executive roles from President and CEO to COO. With a strong background in math, finance, and analytics, Scott's passion is in numbers.

Scott holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Isenberg School of Management, and now resides in southern California. In his free time, Scott enjoys winning poker tournaments, entering skeet shooting contests, and golfing with friends on the weekend--but he says the only thing he bets on is himself. "Golf is a sport that supports that competitive spirit of testing yourself under pressure."

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