Devin Johnson, CEO of ShipNetwork

Devin Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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Devin is CEO of ShipNetwork, the nationwide shipping network built around optimization and service through economic, self-sustaining, and scaleable processes, trusted by eCommerce retailers. He is an innovator of eCommerce logistics and an opportunistic problem solver.

ShipNetwork consistently delivers reliable and scalable solutions for one of the most important expenses of online businesses: transportation. Guided by core values of trust, client success, and innovation, clients are grateful to entrust ShipNetwork with such a critical function of their business.

For over a decade, Devin has been building scalable solutions to problems encountered in the world of eCommerce logistics. Under Devin's leadership, his vision is to create the nation's largest and most reliable eCommerce distribution network.

Passionate about creating a positive impact on families and communities, Devin supports groups and charities of any size. He encourages all to support organizations from athletics and scholastic programs of employees and their children, to leading sponsorships with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In particular, Operation Underground Railroad is an organization Devin is passionate about and grateful to advocate for.

Devin lives in Utah with his family, and he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. From ranching on their farm to boating and 4wheeling, Devin loves to combine work and play when it comes to the outdoors.