Questions to Ask a Potential Fulfillment Partner #2

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How big is your warehouse?

You want a company that has a warehouse big enough to accommodate your needs but not so big that you get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you are able to get the attention and service that you require from your fulfillment company.

Flexibility is key. Virtually every company is concerned with whether or not the fulfillment company they choose is able to handle the sudden huge influx of orders that will ensue as their business grows. In addition, be sure to ask what happens if business slows down.

Fulfillment companies want you to succeed. Your relationship with a fulfillment company is a rare business circumstance in which your goals and their goals are completely aligned.

You need to probe the fulfillment company to determine their views toward accommodating your growth plans. This is more important than worrying about the actual space they have available to meet your sales projections.

Some fulfillment companies are aggressive and look forward to helping customers meet their expanding needs. These companies have already thought about and made plans to address the needs of a customer's growing business.

However, some fulfillment companies are content to add your business but are not prepared to address the challenges and excitement of growth.

Choose a fulfillment house that easily accommodates growth and contraction of your business.