Women of Rakuten Super Logistics: Chrystal Jensen

Women of RSL Chrystal Jensen

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the women of Rakuten Super Logistics. Chrystal Jensen is our warehouse manager from our Pennsylvania location. She is dedicated to supporting our warehouse team and ensuring our clients’ orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

Prior to joining Rakuten Super Logistics, Chrystal worked in the brick and mortar and eCommerce field for over 30 years, with the majority of her career at Saks Fifth Avenue. She specialized in distribution to include servicing over 200 stores, multiple distribution centers, direct client and buyer relations, as well as managing over 30 carrier relationships on a 24/7 basis.

Here’s what she had to say about working with our team and what this month’s celebration means to her.

What do you enjoy most about your job?  

I enjoy the thrill of arriving to work each day, armed with a plan while knowing it will change as soon as I check my e-mails and look at our order volume.  It keeps you on your toes and receptive to consistent changes and challenges. Positive energy and efforts = Positive results.

What are your biggest accomplishments?  

My children. Both are grown and approaching 30! It was certainly difficult at times while they were growing up to balance full-time work, sports, school, and all of the other nuances of being a parent.  Today though, I love to see their strong work ethic, their love of family, their openness to the differences in others, and their open-minded acceptance of it all.

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What do you love about working at RSL? 

I love the diversity of the people I get the privilege to work with.  The many different personalities and backgrounds allow one to enjoy and learn about the different cultures and family dynamics that exist within our world.

What does women's history month mean to you?  

Women’s history month is a period of time I use to reflect upon the smallest of my successes.  Those successes were made possible by the struggles and triumphs of women before me who lived through times where my small successes today were large hurdles for them.  If it wasn’t for their perseverance and dedication to their cause, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today. Women Rock!

Outside of work, Chrystal loves spending time with her family. “My husband and I love to hop in the car, point in a direction, and just drive and discover new places. We’ve had many great experiences and adventures when doing so.”

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