Why Your eCommerce Business Should Work with Rakuten Super Logistics

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Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) was founded in 2001 by professionals dedicated to providing the best eCommerce fulfillment and logistics to retailers. As part of the Rakuten Global family, RSL is grounded in the principles of delivering exceptional client experiences that facilitate long-lasting relationships. Every member of the team is determined to help online retailers achieve all of their business goals.

eCommerce Services

From dock to door, our experienced team handles every detail of your business’s shipping and fulfillment. These are the tools we provide to help retailers continuously serve their customers and beat their competition.

Order Accuracy

Your reputation is important to us. We understand the effects of delivering just one wrong order to a customer. That’s why we guarantee 100% order accuracy every time for all of our eCommerce clients.

Reverse Logistics

Returns are part of every retail business. Our professional returns handling helps simplify customer returns by managing incoming inventory, damaged products, and exchange orders. 


We understand the importance of working with a responsive and dependable shipping partner. Our U.S. based team is available around the clock to provide expert advice and support your business. We have in-house team members that keep you updated on the status of inventory and shipping.

2-Day Ground Shipping

Customers expect their orders to be delivered quickly and correctly. Using our nationwide network, we can reach 98% of the U.S. within 2 days via ground shipping. We also provide next-day turn around for all orders.

Multiple Fulfillment Centers

We have 15 distributions centers strategically placed across the United States to help cut down your costs and deliver your packages sooner. With so much storage space, we can grow with your business and handle even the busiest of shopping seasons with ease.

Here’s what our clients are saying about our services.

“By outsourcing to RSL, I effectively have infinite scalability. In short, I can focus my time and resources on my business and let RSL manage all the details related to order fulfillment.” - Toy Retailer

“The system and high-quality staff that RSL has in place ensure that your company is treated like their own.” - Swim Retailer

At Rakuten Super Logistics, our goal is to provide the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings retailers demand. We empower entrepreneurs to grow to their fullest potential and compete with other retailers around the world. 

Ready to see how Rakuten Super Logistics can support your business? Contact us to get a quote today.

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is the leader in eCommerce order fulfillment services and freight brokerage. RSL offers national fulfillment services and a network of 15 US fulfillment centers located in Anaheim (CA), Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), Denver (CO), Houston (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Miami (FL), Olean (NY), Reno (NV), Salt Lake City (UT), and Scranton (PA). Their state-of-the-art technology allows for integration with popular shopping cart platforms and online marketplaces including Amazon, Big Commerce, Channel Advisor, eBay, Magento, ShipStation, Shopify, Volusion, Walmart Marketplace, and WooCommerce. RSL offers modern fulfillment solutions for leading eCommerce retailers focused on reducing shipping costs, improving order accuracy, decreasing shipping times, and increasing customer satisfaction.