Top Ecommerce Podcasts to Check Out in 2020

Ecommerce Podcasts

Podcasts have quickly become the easiest way to consume information on the go. In fact, approximately 90 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last 30 days. With the increased popularity of podcasts, creators are flocking to this form of media and churning out topic after topic on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher.

This accessible wealth of information can help make you an expert in any topic, including eCommerce. We've sifted through the many eCommerce-specific podcasts out there and pulled out our top eCommerce podcasts that are definitely worth a listen in 2020.

1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

An award-winning podcast run by John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire, also known as EOFire, focuses on the journey of business moguls on the show.

Dumas asks questions about what drives each guest, the mistakes they made, and what they think led to their success. As such, you learn of the tactics that can bring you success and the pitfalls to avoid.

Some of the people who have been on JLD's show include Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and the one and only Tony Robbins. If this is not reason enough to start listening to the podcast, we don't know what is.

2.  eCommerce Minute

With 616 podcasts as of this writing, eCommerce Minute has cemented its place as one of the eCommerce podcasts you have to listen to right now.

Bart Mroz, and John Suder, the hosts, cover everything from tech and retail news. Their comprehensive coverage ensures you acquaint yourself with all aspects of e-commerce.

Most of the podcasts are about 15-minutes long, just enough for your daily commute. However, they do have an end of year super-sized episode where they recap the year. And do you know they produce a podcast daily?

By and large, it will be quite some time before you can consume what eCommerce minute has for you.

3. Cha-Ching! An eCommerce Podcast

Though Cha-Ching is relatively new, the founder, Jay Myers, is a monster in the eCommerce world and the founder of Bold Commerce.

As the name implies, you can expect fascinating discussions from industry experts and online merchants. Cha-Ching is edgy and quite appealing.

Cha-Ching is yet to curate a wide selection of episodes, but given what Myers has done with 18-episodes, the expectations are high.  

4. Shopify Masters

If you want to know how to make it on Shopify, then look no further than Shopify Masters. This e-Commerce podcast is also great for unconventional marketing tactics that work.

Shopify Masters is a weekly podcast where entrepreneurs behind successful Shopify stores share their experience.

You can expect to learn different marketing strategies, the best Shopify apps, and product tips to grow your business to 7-figures.

Some of the advice will fly in the face of generalized best practices, but guess what, the tactics work. However, some of the guests come off as arrogant.

5. The Jason and Scot Show

Industry veterans take what is somewhat a dry subject and present it in a crazy exciting way, in The Jason and Scot Show.

Given their expertise (Scot has founded 4-startups, and Jason is the VP of SapientRazorFish), they provide incredible opinions about the industry.

Their format is also unique as they do more than interviews. They have deep-dive episodes where they teach everything about a particular topic.

I recommend episode 24, which is a deep-dive into everything Amazon.

6. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

In Episode 196 of My Wife Quit Her Job, Steve interviews Ian Scholen. Ian teaches how he grew his companies to 7-figures and why he decided to sell. In episode 109, Tjernlund reveals his Amazon tactics, while in episode 100, we meet the inspiration of Steve's and Jennifer's success.

Out of Steve's desire for financial security, Bumblebee Linens was born. An eCommerce store that made them $100k in the first year. My Wife Quit Her Job podcast is how the couple chooses to give back.

7. Smart Passive Income Podcast

There is a lot one has to do for your store to achieve a modicum of success. Pat Flynn focuses on those support activities, and how they too can make you money, in Smart Passive Income.

The Podcast has bagged a few awards such as the Best International Podcast, the Best Business Podcast by, and the Academy of Podcasts.

What will you learn? Everything about online businesses. Pat teaches about automation, social media marketing, blogging, S.E.O, and more.

If you are looking for a holistic overview, then this e-Commerce podcast is ideal for you.

8. Ecommerce Uncensored

If you're looking for a podcast centered around eCommerce marketing and creating a more efficient sales funnel, Ecommerce Uncensored is worth checking out. With over 150 episodes covering everything email marketing and social media, this podcast dedicated to bringing eCommerce entrepreneurs actionable tips and techniques to grow their sales, email list, and traffic.

Be sure to check out Episode 146, featuring our very own Jason Chan, talking everything 3PL and fulfillment.


Podcasts have changed how we consume content and stay abreast of industry best practices in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. From interviews with top entrepreneurs to deep dives on emerging marketing strategies and technologies, these top picks are sure to keep your eCommerce know-how sharp and help you grow your online business. Have a favorite e-Commerce podcast not listed here? We'd love to hear it! Share with us on Twitter @rakutensl.