Ten Secrets to Successfully Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment #9

Outsourcing Your Fulfillment

Tip 9: Quality customer service is essential.

At first glance, eCommerce fulfillment might seem like a service that does not need customer support as much as others, but the reality is quite the opposite. Real-time communications are sometimes necessary should complications arise, such as a delay on an inbound shipment from your suppliers.  Your fulfillment provider must be willing to accommodate your specific needs in those circumstances.  When deciding on a potential fulfillment provider, make sure to ask them about their customer service solutions. Ask them these questions:

  • Can you accommodate my transaction volume if I run a promotion?
  • Do I have dedicated customer service?
  • What times and days are they available?
  • Do they guarantee a response within a certain time-frame?
  • How will you compensate me if you make a mistake?