Shipping with Confidence this Holiday Season: U.S. Postal Service’s Outstanding Commitment

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Damien Bradford - ShipNetwork
Damien Bradford
Director of Operations
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In the demanding world of eCommerce, shipping becomes the linchpin of operations, especially during the bustling holiday season. At ShipNetwork, our primary goal is to ensure our clients receive unmatched services, and this means keeping you apprised of pivotal industry shifts that can have direct implications for your business.

USPS’s Commitment to Excellence

As the holiday season approaches, it marks the peak period for an influx of packages across the country. The USPS, a valued associate in our shipping arsenal, has reiterated its unwavering commitment to ensuring that this spirit is delivered untarnished. Postmaster General and CEO, Louis DeJoy, proudly reflected on the triumphs of the 2022 peak season and projected a similar, if not enhanced, performance for the impending festive rush.

Consider this: In 2022, the USPS seamlessly managed 11.7 billion mailpieces and packages, ensuring an average delivery time of a mere 2.5 days. With the 'Delivering for America' blueprint in motion this year, their efficiency trajectories are set to skyrocket, promising brisk deliveries to nearly every corner of America.

No Holiday Surcharges

For our eCommerce clients, cost predictability is paramount, especially during peak seasons. In a refreshing departure from the norm, USPS has announced no holiday surcharges. This contrasts starkly with UPS and FedEx, both of which unveiled rate hikes recently. This not only underscores USPS's affordability during the holiday season but also cements its status as a budget-conscious choice — an element ShipNetwork consistently factors into its shipping recommendations.

The USPS has meticulously and comprehensively prepared for the 2023 holiday surge.

  • People Power: Their 'Delivering for America' strategy has created a robust workforce foundation, trimming the need for a surge in seasonal hires.
  • Tech-Driven Efficiency: By rolling out 348 new package sorting machines since 2021, USPS has broadcasted its commitment to technological excellence.
  • Augmented Processing Capability: With a daily package processing benchmark set at 70 million, USPS is clearly primed for the holiday rush.
  • Ground Transportation Emphasis: Their revamped transportation paradigm accentuates ground deliveries, pledging dependable service.
  • A New Shipping Solution: The debut of USPS Ground Advantage offers eCommerce businesses a swifter, wallet-friendly shipping alternative, streamlining deliveries across the U.S.

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At ShipNetwork, your business's success is our top priority. We continually monitor industry developments, like those from USPS, to ensure we recommend the most efficient and cost-effective shipping platforms for your needs. As the festive season nears, trust that our insights and partnerships are geared to offer you the best possible shipping solutions.

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