Rakuten Super Logistics Provides Peace of Mind For Merchants During Times of Uncertainty

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With the growing concern for COVID-19 in the United States and around the world, entrepreneurs need a supportive partner to keep their business operations running smoothly. At Rakuten Super Logistics, we provide eCommerce merchants the flexibility, dependability, and infrastructure to overcome the challenges that arise during times of uncertainty. While we may not have control of what’s happening in the world, we want our merchants to feel they still have control over their business. 

Multiple Facilities 

Across the country, cities are implementing new business closures every day. For eCommerce business owners fulfilling in-house, this can lead to delays if you’ve suddenly run out of packing materials or your local drop-off location has temporarily closed. Working with our network of facilities across the US ensures that closures impacting certain areas can be remedied by leveraging alternative geographic locations.


Both eCommerce and brick and mortar businesses continue sending employees home to isolate. In an effort to practice social distancing, the pressure to minimize the business workforce is growing. Partnering with Rakuten Super Logistics allows our merchants to keep their employees home, while we keep their business running smoothly. Our agile workforce can scale order fulfillment up or down to meet the changing volume needs during times where actual volume may not reflect forecasts.

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We’ve been in the business for 20 years and know how difficult trying times can be, especially for eCommerce business owners. We have dealt with everything from recessions to natural disasters and came out stronger on the other side. Rest assured that with our years of experience, we are well equipped to get your business through the logistics challenges we (as a society) may face in difficult times.


As a logistics professional, it is always our responsibility to stay informed of the latest shipping and fulfillment guidelines. We take our job very seriously, and in times of uncertainty, we want logistics to be the last thing for our eCommerce merchants to worry about.


If you saw our article in Business Insider, you know that the Rakuten name carries weight. The support of our parent company, as well as the resources available through our sister companies, allows us to provide a variety of consumer and business-focused services to support your eCommerce business needs.

We sincerely understand the difficulties your business may be experiencing in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak. Rakuten Super Logistics is committed to supporting our clients through this trying time.

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is a national leader in eCommerce order fulfillment and freight brokerage. RSL’s nationwide network of fulfillment centers allows leading eCommerce retailers to reduce shipping costs, improve order accuracy, decrease shipping times, and increase customer satisfaction. Contact us to request a quote and learn more about partnering with RSL to fulfill your eCommerce shipping needs. 

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