How to Find the Right eCommerce Shopping Platform for Your Business?

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Running a store before the digital era required businesses to establish a physical location to serve their customers. The idea of selling goods and services without a physical store was not feasible.

Customers had to drive to the brick-and-mortar location to get what they needed, and starting a business was costly and challenging. Such reasons hindered many would-be entrepreneurs from venturing into business.

Currently, we live in a slightly different world where you can find anything you want with a few keystrokes. The evolution of the internet has prompted the development of a new industry where creativity and passion are more critical than real estate.

Anyone can now start a company without worrying about setting up a physical store to operate. Ultimately, you will still need a "home base" for the products, but a virtual store is more important than a physical one.

It is easy to order items, movies, food, or services from laptops or mobile devices with eCommerce platforms. These orders will reach the end-user swiftly at the location of their convenience. Life is easier for customers and business owners as well.

The eCommerce platforms allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their goals. A business can quickly establish itself in the digital landscape by finding a solid customer base. Also, using services from eCommerce partners like Rakuten Super Logistics allows you to complete order fulfillment on time to satisfy your customers' needs.

eCommerce is cost-effective, trendy, and efficient for reaching new markets. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, resulting in dozens of companies claiming to be the best eCommerce platforms. How can you determine the right platform for your business with so many options? Let's find out!

What to look for in an eCommerce platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform feels like choosing a physical address where you could set up your business store. There are many points to consider, like the support offered and the site's reputation. You want a site that will bring your business to life and reach your target customers either in a region or worldwide.

Here are some of the significant features that you ought to look for when reviewing your choices for eCommerce platforms:


The cost of the eCommerce platform you partner with depends on your business size, ranging from free to thousands of dollars. However, reputable sites allow you to try them for free without any credit information before using their paid services.

These free trials will enable you to use the available features. Consider things like extensions, hosting, and other add-ons. But, free services will not unlock the premium features you get from these companies. Do your research well to learn more about the services provided by a particular firm.


Customers tend to use platforms that rank higher on search engines. Any site that ranks higher is a reputable business in the customers' eyes. Therefore, you have a high chance of people finding your products when your store ranks high. Choose a platform with practical built-in SEO tools to help you appear on the front page.

You can also customize your URL with the name of the services or products you offer to optimize search engine searches, making finding your store easy. Some platforms provide enhanced SEO tools in their plans that you can purchase to boost your ranks.


Typically, you will start your online store with a small inventory, but it does not mean it will stay that way forever. You want an eCommerce business that will grow with your business. The flexible plans will allow you to extend your reach to a vast market base.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to Statista, over 290 million US consumers own smartphones. More than 60% of smartphone users purchase goods online using these phones. Therefore, your eCommerce platform should be mobile-friendly to enable you to access this vast potential market.

User Experience

A good eCommerce has an excellent user experience. It allows you to set up your online store with or without programming experience. Your customers will also navigate the site quickly when searching for your products. They feel more comfortable finding your products and purchasing them. Generally, an online customer would only purchase from a site that is easy to use.

Choose Rakuten Super Logistics for your eCommerce fulfillment

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