eCommerce Industries With Most Success in 2020

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Retailers saw their online orders explode in 2020. As customers became more comfortable with the contactless shopping experience, the eCommerce industry grew. Many businesses saw years’ worth of growth in just a few months! Here are some of the industries that thrived the most during 2020

Fitness Equipment

As more people were stuck at home, they looked for fitness solutions to keep them active. Online retailers like DIYogi were one of the many health retailers that saw their merchandise fly off the shelves. People loved their wipable texture and the ability to add their own custom drawings and phrases right on the mat. “We’ve seen sales increase exponentially during 2020 and especially during the lockdown,” said CEO Maria. “As people were trying to establish a workout routine at home as well as took up crafty activities – our mats being a great tool for both. Our sales have been on a growth trend ever since the pandemic started.”

Pet Supplies

Consumers needed to keep all members of their families occupied, including their pets. Orders for everything from pet food, toys, and even cat boxes skyrocketed, and pet suppliers were in high demand in 2020. Cat in the Box was one supplier that saw a boom in sales and turned their business around. “Cat in the Box enjoyed a 4-fold increase in revenue in 2020,” said founder Dawn. “I believe that many pet owners, working from home with their pets, were looking for unique toys to entertain them and enjoy with them.” Their growth in 2020 has helped them continue to thrive in the new year.


The beauty industry also thrived during 2020, and many eCommerce sellers took the chance and opened their doors for the first time. RARA Club launched their eyelash serum mid-pandemic and saw tremendous growth. “Since launching, we’ve seen tremendous growth, including 15% growth week after week in the first six months of launching,” their brand rep shared. “By doing this, we’ve been able to steadily grow in 2020 with continued consumer support showing so far in 2021.”

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Greeting Cards

In order to stay connected, consumers looked for unique ways to stay in touch with their friends and family. Card Isle, a greeting card supplier, was one of many businesses to benefit from this trend. Not only did they increase their reach, but the high customer demand also helped them land big partnerships with florists and dozens of other eCommerce brands. “This year, Card Isle has grown by over 1,000%,” shared their brand rep. “ It has landed us a partnership with 1-800-Flowers, among many other companies.”

Toys and Games

Entertainment products such as games, toys, and electronics saw extreme growth in 2020 as well. While consumers were at home, they began stocking up on non-essential items that could keep every member of the family busy. was one business that benefited from these sales. “We saw exponential growth during 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” shared a Toynk brand rep. “We were able to increase our revenue 3x over despite these new challenges.”

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year globally. For many online retailers though, it was their best sales year yet. They were able to overcome eCommerce challenges and persevere through the difficulties. 

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