Costly Shipping Mistakes Your Miami Business Should Avoid

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Peak season is upon us, and your holiday shoppers expect their orders to arrive quickly and correctly in their Miami mailboxes. Unfortunately, efficiently managing shipping can be difficult during the holidays. Not only are mistakes heavy on your wallet, but they can also send your most loyal Miami customers straight to a competitor. Here are the costliest shipping mistakes to avoid this season.

Poor Packaging

Poorly wrapped packing not only looks bad, but it also delivers a damaged product. Using incorrect packaging will also add even more to your over shipping costs. If your selected box or envelope doesn’t keep your merchandise safe, you’ve already lost money on your sale. It’s crucial to select durable packaging that’s the correct size for your order. If you’re using a large box, ensure that the filling can truly protect your item and will meet shipping carrier requirements. If your order can fit into smaller boxes, choose the most economical design that won’t drive up your shipping expenses. When customers order multiple items, bulk those together to save materials and lower the cost of shipping multiple boxes. 

Incorrect Labeling

Labeling is an important part of shipping that can quickly go wrong. When printing labels manually, it’s easy to make errors. Wrong addresses, misspelled names, even incorrect weights will result in delayed shipping and expensive remedies. Automatic processing is the best solution to avoid incorrectly labeling orders. This technology is generally found in third-party logistics companies like Rakuten Super Logistics. Using this method, the SKU is scanned, and a label is printed based on the online order. Manually entering customer information is no longer needed. Automatic processing will save time, prevent errors, and ensure accurate deliveries.

Selecting the Wrong Shipping Carrier

In a recent announcement, national shipping carriers have made many changes to the overall pricing of packages. Peak season alone has seen increases up to $5 per package. Although these carriers have similar pricing models, some may work better for reaching your Miami customers. Ideally, you’d want to utilize multiple carriers to ensure you don’t run into any errors with delivery and that you can easily negotiate discounts. Unfortunately, not all eCommerce retailers have the luxury of affording multiple partnerships. In these cases, working with a professional shipping company instead could eliminate the headache of selecting the right carrier and allow for more discounts typically unavailable for in-house methods. 

As you’ve shipped to your Miami customers, you’ve likely run into problems similar to those listed above. Make this year seamless by preparing ahead of time and recruiting adequate help to eliminate costly mistakes. 

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