Building a Diverse and Agile Team for a Growing eCommerce Brand

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Establishing an eCommerce business can be demanding. However, putting in place a competent, agile team can greatly ease your business-growth efforts. A current universal survey indicates that many executives understand that being agile is important when it comes to distributing the right goods and services, quickening speed to the market, and making decisions. Additionally, it enables an eCommerce business to stay ahead of the curve and enhance customer experience. So what is the agile method, the importance of diversity or an agile team for a growing eCommerce brand, and why should an eCommerce brand partner with a reliable 3PL?

What Is an Agile Process?

The agile process is a methodology that was initiated in the 1990s when development teams for software were disheartened and started to shift their planning to a new commodities delivery strategy. The methodology began in the year 2000 during the creation of the "Agile Manifesto," which rolled out four main values, namely:

  • People and interactions through procedures and tools
  • Functioning software through detailed documentation
  • Consumer affiliation through negotiation of contract
  • Reacting to a shift by obeying a plan

The agile process in eCommerce encompasses discovering challenges and creating remedies via collective, overlapping, and self-overseen teams. It's majorly geared towards ensuring that there is the desired flow of activities and that the eCommerce brand achieves its targets. Furthermore, establishes a feedback program to enhance the efficiency of production while motivating lasting modification via testing.

diversity teamwork ecommerce agility - Rakuten Super Logistics

The Importance of Diversity or Building an Agile Team for a Growing eCommerce Brand

Whereas some eCommerce brands are yet to embrace the agile process, 98 percent of the businesses that have adopted it started enjoying its positive outcomes. Additionally, a study by the Institute of Project Management revealed that Agile-enabled companies are more inclined to complete projects as agreed and meet all their targets than teams that aren't agile. It added that the Agile business's revenue grew quicker by 37 percent. Here are the best 6 justifications for why an agile team is important to a growing eCommerce brand.

1. Enhancing Speed and Flexibility

In the current competitive market, eCommerce brands have to fight against startups and giant Amazon. Agile processes improve production, starting from the idea conception to the end deployment phases, making eCommerce businesses more adaptive and flexible. It enables them to achieve the constantly evolving requirements of the current customers by facilitating fast commodity modifications depending on feedback from users.

2. Gauging and Addressing Market Requirements

Knowing what customers need and what they unknowingly need is important. Most eCommerce businesses have to constantly initiate new commodities and features to yield interest and income. By addressing customer desires and initiating new features or products frequently to deduce if there's any interest, businesses can stay ahead and serve customers desirably.

3. Producing Higher Quality Products

To make sure that consumers get top-quality commodities, the agile process passes everything through strict and frequent QA inspections. Whether it's an additional item or feature to boost its deliverables, QA is often at work.

4. Reducing Risks Through Transparency

One department might not be aware of the other department's operation when they work independently of each other. This always negatively affects eCommerce companies. Ranging from advertising to sales to transportation, the agile process offers visibility and clarity across all departments. When all the actors collaborate, the lack of performance risks is remarkably lowered.

5. Performing Non-stop Testing

With the introduction of new products and consistent maintenance, QA is more important and implementing agile techniques ensures that products are inspected as soon they're produced, and defects are discovered and then corrected. Furthermore, new ideas to enhance the final product may come up during the process.

6. Enhancing Customer Experiences

eCommerce brands can greatly improve the quality of their products' quality by sticking to the agile technique. Many modifications, including new features in addition to addressing consumer needs, can be done through the agile process and the outcome is often satisfied customers buying more and recommending your brand.

Why Should eCommerce Businesses Be Partnering With a Reliable 3PL for Their Shipping and Order Fulfillment?

A reliable 3PL such as Rakuten Super Logistics can help unify shipping with trucking, air, and rail carriers, like supervising FTL & LTL logistics. Our specialists focus on the fulfillment of batches geared towards product launches, quality shipping, and huge products that need special treatment.

3PLs have enormous volumes as opposed to private companies. Hence, they can attract low shipping rates and are entitled to normal pickups in comparison to minor shippers. The realized savings can help you offset peak fees, fuel fees, as well as other soaring carrier expenses that impact profit margins.


Although every business presents different chances and challenges, it's crucial to know that the best approaches will always keep you ahead of the competition. As you wade through the process of growing your eCommerce brand, we hope that these tips come in handy.

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