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Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment and Shipping with the Right Fulfillment Company can Make Room for the Things that Really MatterHow long is your daily To-Do List? Are you constantly on the run, always busy, always doing something? And yet, never seeming to get every task completed, fire put-out, or problem solved? Even if this only bears a slight resemblance to your daily schedule, super busy people should take heed.Studies have shown driven people often fail to realize when they have reached their limits. When you are over-taxed your ability to be effective is greatly diminished. Even worse, the results can be devastating when the balls you’ve been juggling begin to fall and important deadlines are missed.But how do you know when to say when and outsource or delegate some of the work that’s on your plate? For many eTail businesses determining when to outsource to a fulfillment company can be difficult, especially when it comes to fulfillment and shipping services. Often times the difference between success and failure can be waiting until the timing is right.When the timing is right, outsourcing fulfillment and shipping logistics with a fulfillment company can be a great solution that makes your business more productive, increases profits and accelerates growth. To help you determine when to say when, Rakuten Super Logistics has put together an e-Book that details the five critical obstacles that many e-Commerce businesses experience. Each of these obstacles can be a clear indicator that it's time for your business to begin the search for the right e-Commerce fulfillment service partner.The e-Book is also designed to help eTailers like you understand how the right fulfillment company will give your business a competitive edge and the ability to compete with any store online. Click here to download this FREE e-Book from Rakuten Super Logistics.In addition to choosing the right fulfillment company, here are a few additional tips to help you reach peak productivity and optimal effectiveness during the upcoming holiday rush:1. Keep (and Follow) a Master CalendarInstead of multiple calendars, To-Do Lists and strategically placed Post-It Notes – keep everything on a Master Calendar. Be sure to list EVERYTHING that impacts your schedule – including work, family and personal activities. This will help you see the big picture when it comes to your time. It will also help you avoid forgetting things. (Or missing out on important activities, like your kid’s Holiday Recital.)2. Communication is KeyOperating in a silo is a recipe for disaster, especially during critically busy times. Make sure you share your calendar and your tasks and communicate with your team about what needs to be done and when it must be completed.3. Collaboration is CrucialThere is an old saying “Many hands make light work” – during busy times this is especially true. Encourage collaboration in your workplace. You should also make time to recognize and reward those who take responsibility for projects and/or pro-actively reach out to help others who are in need.4. Coordinate Efforts to Keep the Balls RollingComplex projects can only be accomplished when an effective manager is leading the charge and coordinating everyone’s efforts. Be sure to establish a system that allows for checks and balances, and regularly check in with others for a progress report. Waiting too long may result in unplanned delays and/or missed opportunities – so be sure to be proactive in your follow up.

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