Amazon Prime Day 2022: What To Expect as an eCommerce Retailer

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Prime Day, Amazon's biggest sale of the year is taking place on Tuesday, July 12th and Wednesday, July 13th. The 48-hour Amazon prime deals are only available to Prime members.

With Amazon's mega sales fast approaching, how are retailers getting ready for the big event? During this significant event, retailers often receive many orders from customers. Consequently, they're always on their toes to receive orders and plan for shipments.

But, supply chain issues will likely affect eCommerce imports and shipments. We discuss tips for eCommerce retailers during Amazon Prime Day 2022.

How eCommerce Retailers Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day presents a perfect opportunity for eCommerce sellers to leverage a massive customer base and maximize profits. However, retailers often miss out on a few things which limit their competition among millions of brands and sellers on Amazon. We want you to take advantage of the eCommerce holiday to maximize sales with these tips.

1. Inventory Management

Whether you're using the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), you need to evaluate your inventory ahead of time. You don't want to run out of stock, as this will affect your sales and rankings on Amazon. Therefore, sellers should replenish their stocks, especially on products they predict to sell more on Amazon Prime Day.

According to Amazon, having a broad inventory means offering value to customers. Therefore, if you're a seller on Amazon, ensure you have enough stock to meet customer demands before the mega sales.

2. Optimize Product Listing

You should optimize the content on your product listing for conversions, including product descriptions, bullet points, images, and product titles. Utilize Amazon A+ content to describe your products uniquely and compel customers to buy. Don't forget to include basic information about your products, including the specs, to help customers understand your products better.

Showcase your products with high-quality images, visuals, and graphics. Incorporate keywords relevant to Amazon Prime Day to help customers find your products. Make sure your product description doesn't go against Amazon rules. Running PPC campaigns will help identify additional keywords to incorporate into your content.

3. Conduct Competitor Analysis

You should understand that you're not the only seller on Amazon - you have competitors selling the same (or alternative) products. Therefore, you have to show the value of your products so customers can opt for your brand. You can start by examining your competitors and their product offerings. Then, note any differences in the product listings and fill any gaps in yours to drive more sales.

If you find brands with high search volumes, track down their keywords and leverage them to your advantage. This will allow you to build decent traffic, especially for newly launched products.

Amazon Prime Day Order Fulfillment - Rakuten Super Logistics

Effect of Supply Chain Issues on eCommerce Holiday Shipments

Online retailers may face eCommerce supply chain disruptions, affecting their imports and shipments. By understanding supply chain disruptions, eCommerce sellers will create a contingency plan to keep supply chains running seamlessly.

Fulfilling eCommerce Orders

Fulfilling eCommerce orders are sometimes costly, depending on the seller's capacity and labor. However, eCommerce sellers have numerous options to ensure customers receive their orders in time. For instance, sellers may opt to pack, store and distribute products on their own or partner with an eCommerce fulfillment company to handle the storage, packaging, and distribution of the products.

Spike in Customer Returns

Since you're making more sales during the eCommerce holiday season, you should also expect more returns from unsatisfied customers. Product returns and refunds affect your logistics, especially during mega sales like Amazon Prime Days. Sellers need a plan to incorporate product returns into the available stock.

The likelihood of unplanned supply chain disruptions is likely to be up this year. Therefore, eCommerce sellers should think of flexibility to respond to the changes and disruptions. Some retailers respond to eCommerce supply chain disruptions by making early orders to ensure an adequate stock.

How Retailers Can Get Ahead of the 2022 Holiday Season

eCommerce retailers can minimize the effects of supply chain disruptions by partnering with an experienced and dependable 3PL like Rakuten Super Logistics. We specialize in on-time shipping with a Flawless or Free Guarantee, an essential aspect of holiday shipping.

Rakuten Super Logistics is more than a typical order fulfillment company. We are your eCommerce partner with vast knowledge and experience to help you reach your full potential. We know what it takes to run a successful eCommerce business, and we have the right resources to make it happen.

Final Word

Amazon Prime Day will be on July 12th and 13th this year. But now is the perfect time to prepare for the big Amazon event. eCommerce sellers should stock enough products, optimize their product listings, and conduct competitor analysis to maximize sales.

Also, they should partner with a reliable and experienced 3PL like RakutenSL for eCommerce order fulfillment. If you're looking to have a smooth 2022 Amazon Prime Day without any mishaps, partner with RSL. Get in touch with us to request a quote.