5 Signs Your 3PL Relationship Will Survive the Fall

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Your shipping partner should be more than just another summer fling. Although your time together may start out hot and heavy as your orders fly off the shelves, your 3PL may not be in it for the long haul. And as your business grows, the wrong partnership could threaten the future of your business. Wondering if your romance with your shipping partner will last? Ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you have real trust with your 3PL?

Trust is crucial in any relationship—especially with your shipping and fulfillment company. Your eCommerce logistics partner is the main hand that touches your inventory as it enters and leaves the warehouse. A trusting relationship with your 3PL also impacts how your customers feel about your business. The right shipping partners will help you build trust between you and your customers by providing fast and accurate fulfillment and shipping. A reliable 3PL can also streamline your return process, giving your customers the best shopping experience. This way, your customers will always be returning for more.

2. Are you two on the same page?

eCommerce sellers recruit a 3PL to achieve two major goals: eliminate overhead logistics costs and get the best shipping rates offered exclusively to 3PLs. Is your shipping and fulfillment company making your needs a priority? With the right partner, you can avoid the high cost of multiple shipments, no matter where your customers live. With access to a team of logistics experts, you can also eliminate separate in-house investments for staff, warehousing, equipment, and training.

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3. Can they carry the weight of your shipping and fulfillment?

As online businesses grow, sellers using in-house methods of shipping and order fulfillment lose more of their time. The orders start to stack and space quickly runs out. As a result, they turn to a 3PL to outsource their shipping and order fulfillment. A lasting partner will help you get your time back and focus on creating the brand you’ve always dreamed of. Hooking up with the wrong 3PL will only end in messy heartache. Although your relationship may start out hot and heavy, you’ll soon end up feeling let down by your logistics. Are you feeling the love with your shipping and fulfillment company, or are you waiting to break up with your 3PL? Partner with a reliable shipping and fulfillment company that is passionate about your business and puts more of your hard-earned money back into your pocket.

4. How does this relationship support the growth of your business?

Whether your customers are in one state or 50, your 3PL needs to have a shipping network that delivers on it’s promises. How many warehouses does your current partner have? An ideal shipping and fulfillment company provides your business with endless storage space in multiple warehouses spread across the US. A network of fulfillment centers allows your business to meet customers anywhere, regardless of their order size or location. Make sure your relationship with your shipping partner is built to last and can support the current and future growth of your customer base.

5. Can they eliminate your logistics fears?

Wrong orders, late deliveries, damaged products—these are customers’ and business owners' worst nightmares. Don’t get burned by the wrong shipping partner. Your shipping and fulfillment company needs to get it right and get it on time, 100% of the time. Avoid careless mistakes that come when you leave your picking, packing, and shipping to an inexperienced 3PL.

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Bonus Question: Are they truly the experts in shipping and fulfillment?

Experience matters in your shipping and fulfillment relationship. A dedicated, expert shipping and fulfillment company will help you navigate all your business’ logistics, including international shipping compliances. Cuff an experienced3PL who’s knowledgeable in all things logistics and a great resource for you to grow your business. 

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