3 Essential Tips To Shipping Products

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Have you ever had to move from one town to another?

If so, you might already know the basics of ensuring smooth product movement.

Whether you are just relocating, or shipping products from one country to another, there are 3 general principles that should never be overlooked.

1: Make an accurate list. If you are moving your household items, you want to be sure that nothing is left behind and a list helps you keep everything in check. Moreover, if you are a business that's shipping products from another country, a detailed list is a requirement for the entire shipment. This list ensures your product not only makes it to the destination, but is also assessed the correct duties once it has arrived at the customs border. Creating a detailed packing list and commercial invoice is an essential step in the order fulfillment process. It will be your saving grace when it comes time for your goods to enter the country.

2: Don’t trust just anyone to move your stuff. It is very important to do your homework and make sure the company that moves your product is a legitimate company with a good rating who can handle your shipments. There are so many companies that will move anything for a low price, and in the world of transportation, the competition is fierce. But your product is the meat of your business and you want to be certain it arrives properly. The vetting process can take some time and getting a good value on your customer order fulfillment is very different from getting a low price.

3: Be prepared for the unexpected. You may expect your goods to arrive at destination on 15 May, but they actually may not arrive until a day or two later, unless you pay for guaranteed service at 30% more of the cost of estimated service. Further, if you do pay for guaranteed customer order fulfillment, it does not cover weather conditions that slow the drivers, acts of God/terrorism/war, or anything else the company may not want to pay for, such as a driver getting ill. It is best to have someone on your side that can fight the carriers for you in the event a service deadline is missed, or at least to give you all of your options before the shipment is picked up. This will help to ensure your goods arrive at destination when they are needed.

It is important to keep these three rules in mind when shipping products. They will help you to ensure a smooth move from anywhere to anywhere.