Celebrating Women's History Month by Exploring the Role of Women in eCommerce

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women shape eCommerce in celebrating Women's history
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We're celebrating Women's history month by shedding light on how women shape eCommerce. Nowadays, women are no less than men in any industry. The same goes when we talk about eCommerce and entrepreneurship. The Peterson Institute says that businesses run by women are more profitable. Many women feel the eCommerce world is suitable for entrepreneurial women. The reason is the flexibility that the industry offers. 

The UK saw a 28% rise in female entrepreneurs in eCommerce businesses. The number is soon to rise to sky-high peaks due to positive results. If you're looking to set your foot in the eCommerce world, top programs offer help. The programs guide women entrepreneurs to establish successful businesses. For instance, the Association of Women's Business Centers holds events to guide women. 

Also, the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) assists women in running businesses. The program offers training, education, microloans, certifications, and more. Studies say that women-led businesses will keep on rising in the future. There are plenty of other reasons too that make women-led companies extra successful. 

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Role & Growth of Women in the eCommerce Entrepreneurial World 

Many women are utilizing technological advancement to grow their businesses. Customers believe that women-led businesses meet their demands quickly. The highly male-dominated industry is now becoming woman-filled. The versatile female leaders are encouraging other women to enter the eCommerce world. 

Due to their strong understanding of the changing market, they tend to grow fast. They know how to remain the forerunner in the highly competitive world. With skills and experience, women are running eCommerce businesses at a stunning rate. 

Today, there are around 12.3 million US businesses run by women. The Women's Business Enterprise National Council says women generate $1.8 trillion/year. Talking about the past 20 years, women's businesses grew around 114%. These stats prove that women entrepreneurs will keep on flourishing. 

Why do Women-led Businesses Grow Faster than Men-led Businesses? 

Did you know that women-led businesses consistently outperform in the market? Well, the reason is their abilities and thinking power. Let's look at why women's businesses thrive in the competitive market. 

  • High Return On Investment: Women's businesses offer a high return on investment compared to men's. With little prior investment, women generate high revenue in return. 
  • Multi-Tasking Nature: Women always try to equip themselves with multiple things. This is why they're able to generate extra income and high results. They know how to improve the customer base even if it's constantly changing. This helps them to get a high-income stream and nurture business. 
  • High-Risk Appetite: Women are willing to take risks and succeed in life. They envision opportunities more often in comparison to men. This is why they always remain ahead of the curve. 
  • Ability To Adapt: The eCommerce world demands adaptation to the market trends. Women are more capable of inducing such transformation. By including the proper measures and appropriate technology, they grow fast. 

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What are Some Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Business? 

If you're a woman and wish to start your eCommerce business, here are some tips. Following the right path will help you to achieve the right results. 

  • One of the most vital things in any business is the customer. This is why you need to focus on them while launching a new business. Appropriate pricing, on-time delivery, and simplifying the checkout process can help you. 
  • Testing everything before launch is extremely important. It helps you to identify the risks and improve your business. Working closely with social media tools will help you expand your business reach. 
  • Making your eCommerce website mobile-friendly is something you can't overlook. Studies show that mobile users will keep on rising in the upcoming years. You can't generate effective results without making your business mobile. 
  • Partner with the right team, like eCommerce fulfillment companies. RakutenSL is one of the leading order fulfillment companies. We can help you improve your shipping costs to achieve your goals. 

Rakuten Super Logistics is a partner that believes in establishing long-term relationships with clients. We work with you to ensure that women empower you with the right help. 

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