Will Holiday Customer Orders Arrive on Time?

Holiday Customer Orders

As a seller, it can be frustrating to have no control over shipping speed during the unpredictable holiday season. After all, many factors contribute to whether a package arrives according to delivery expectations or not, such as: inclement weather, carrier delays, fulfillment delays, or even the recent Day of Mourning which delayed (some) US Postal shipments.As a fulfillment provider, we understand these frustrations all too well. Working with numerous freight and parcel carriers, we have to be aware of all possible unexpected delays for our clients. After all, we fall victim to such delays as well as we have control over shipments only until they leave the warehouse and are turned over to our trusted carriers.During the holiday season, it's important to communicate shipping expectations, deadlines, and delays to customers as often as possible.Even Amazon 2-day shipping can take longer than 2 days, as consumers discovered during last year's holiday season.