Still Working From Home? How To Make the Most of Your WFH Workspace

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Working from home is the new normal for many business owners and employees. With that in mind, staying productive while observing safety measures is the goal of every business. However, finding motivation and staying consistent as a remote worker can be challenging.

Even so, all hope is not lost. With the correct measures in place, you can still hack the new normal and win at what you do- from any remote location. We have prepared a detailed guide on ways to lighten up your mood as you work from home, stay motivated, create an ideal home office setup, and win in your business.

Here are some of the tips to implement in your working from home schedule.

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1. Refreshing Your Workspace

If you’re still working from home and haven’t done anything about improving your office setup, now is the time. Having a beautiful and clean office space at home with natural light can help elevate your focus when working.

To accomplish this, we recommend stepping away from the kitchen table setup you currently have and purchasing some comfortable and beautiful furniture for your space. There are so many affordable office furniture options on the market if you search diligently. This includes an ergonomic chair or comfortable desk chair, a desk (perhaps a standing desk?), an external monitor, and whatever office supplies you need to stay productive. Once you have the furniture in place, try and decorate your dedicated space well enough to boost your mood. Nobody wants a boring work environment, even if you're working in a home workspace.

However, be careful not to overdo that and cause distractions when working. Keep it simple for easy maintenance and to eliminate distractions.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Speaking of eliminating distractions, it might be hard to concentrate with a pile of dishes in the sink. Luckily, there are various ways you can avoid losing focus and separate work life from home life. An organized space mostly serves as motivation to stay focused and improves concentration.

Additionally, you can also create a schedule to help avoid distractions. Having a plan on what you intend to do at what time ensures you stay focused on your set goal until completion. That way, nothing will drag you out of your working space unless it's an emergency.

3. Incorporating a New Midday Routine

Working remote two years in can cause some of us to fall into a rut, which is why it’s crucial to change things up as often as you can. Creating a new midday routine will keep you on track and feeling refreshed. If you’re running an online business, one of the ways to boost your energy is by engaging with your customers on social. For instance, you can choose to shoot a video involving your daily work routine, fulfilling orders, or showcasing products. Such a session breaks the monotony of your usual office tasks and keeps your social media audience updated about your business. It also helps your audience relate to your products and services, and relatability is a factor in winning customers.

And take a break and go outside when the weather permits!. It's good for your physical and mental health and there’s no better natural way to recharge than some good old vitamin D straight from the source.

4. Adding in ''Off-site'' Workdays

Some days, no matter what you do, working from the same place can feel inhibiting to your motivation and productivity. You can incorporate a completely new work environment occasionally by stepping out of your own workspace and into a new one. For instance, you can pick a spot like your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Incorporating an outside workspace  a day or two in the week can boost your mood and productivity levels.

It's good for you to break the monotony. However, it's crucial to observe all the safety measures required to stay safe. You can also choose to work in the nearby park, a library, or even rent out co-shared office space with another party. 

5. Dress Up for Work

It's easy to live in your pajamas when you have no reason to leave the house. However, the way you dress up in the morning impacts your productivity significantly. To boost your mood, dress up as if you're going to the office. This will instantly get you in the right mindset to tackle the day.

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