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Webgistix SmartFill™ Platform Integrates with Shopify Shopping Cart to Simplify Order Management and Reduce Operating Costs for Internet Retailers

LAS VEGAS, NV - June 9, 2010 -- Webgistix Corp., the global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, today announced the commencement of a strategic partnership with Shopify, a leading provider of shopping cart and eCommerce technology. As part of the partnership, Webgistix' SmartFill™ order-fulfillment platform now integrates seamlessly with the Shopify online shopping cart, enabling thousands of e-commerce merchants to automate the fulfillment and shipping of consumer purchases from Shopify without the need for custom software development.Webgistix SmartFill is a cloud-based solution that not only automates the order-fulfillment process, but also provides Internet retailers with complete control over their fulfillment processes. Merchants who implement Shopify and Webgistix SmartFill together can enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing their order fulfillment to Webgistix while still being able to keep a watchful eye on business operations."We are extremely excited about partnering with Shopify and believe the Shopify shopping cart and Webgistix fulfillment platform are a powerful technology combination for online retailers," said Joseph DiSorbo, President of Webgistix. "E-commerce is evolving toward a more economical and efficient model and collaborations such as the Webgistix/Shopify partnership are the latest example. Together, we're enabling retailers to scale their businesses without any additional fixed costs, capital outlay or labor for order fulfillment. And just as important, the reliability and manageability of the fulfillment process increases significantly."Internet retailers processed over $100 Million in orders with Shopify technology, making it one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world. Those retailers who integrate their Shopify systems with Webgistix SmartFill can view real-time order status, shipment tracking, and inventory data, from anywhere at any time."Shopify's customers benefit from being able to integrate with a top-notch fulfillment and logistics solution like Webgistix," said Tobi LŸtke, Shopify's co-founder and CEO. "We believe that to successfully scale a business a storeowner must delegate some of their work to experts, and by using Webgistix with Shopify this is exactly what they are doing. Now they can ship their customers' orders even when they're on vacation in Europe."Merchants who use Shopify, or are planning to deploy Shopify, can visit http://www.webgistix.com/shopify or call (866) 955-7792 to learn more about how Webgistix can help them maximize the ROI from their Shopify investment.

About Webgistix

Webgistix is a global leader in e-commerce fulfillment. The Webgistix approach is based on its innovative SmartFill solution -- the e-commerce industry's most scalable, efficient and reliable fulfillment platform. Webgistix's automated solution helps ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment, and is fully customizable for e-commerce retailers of all sizes around the world. For more information, visit www.webgistix.com.

About Shopify

Shopify is a hosted application platform that allows merchandisers to quickly and easily create beautifully customized, full-featured online stores. The Shopify platform allows them to organize products, accept credit card payments through payment gateways, instantly update storefront images and content, track and respond to orders in real time, and manage all aspects of online sales

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