Webgistix Integrates with Miva Merchant™ to Automate Order Fulfillment, Reduce Costs for eCommerce Retailers (Redirect)

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Webgistix SmartFill™ Enables Internet Retailers to Improve Fulfillment Accuracy and Enhance the Online Shopping Experience for Customers

SAN DIEGO, CA -- February 27, 2008 -- Webgistix Corp ., the leader in global eCommerce order fulfillment, today announced that its SmartFill™ order-fulfillment platform offers seamless integration with Miva Merchant™, providing a simple and cost-effective way for online retailers to manage and grow their businesses. The announcement was made here made at Miva Merchant Conference 2009.The integration with SmartFill™ enables online retailers using Miva Merchant eCommerce solutions to completely automate the order-fulfillment process, helping retailers to scale their operations without increasing headcount for shipping. The integration allows orders to flow smoothly from Miva Merchant to Webgistix and provides Miva Merchant customers with complete visibility into their order-fulfillment processes.Webgistix SmartFill™ is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that requires no capital investment and helps cut operating costs substantially. Miva Merchant customers can use Webgistix SmartFill™ to gain the benefits of outsourcing their order fulfillment while continuing to leverage their existing Miva Merchant-enabled eCommerce platform."Our customers have been asking for a complete eCommerce order-fulfillment solution that helps them scale their businesses effectively and economically," said Rick Wilson, Executive Vice President, Miva Merchant. "We are pleased to offer Miva Merchant customers the benefits that Webgistix delivers through its industry-leading fulfillment technology that has been designed specifically for eCommerce retailers.""By integrating Miva Merchant's popular and proven solutions with our SmartFill™ platform, Webgistix continues to move the eCommerce industry toward smart, frictionless order fulfillment," said Joseph DiSorbo, President of Webgistix. "We're helping successful online retailers who have significant fulfillment requirements to scale their businesses while minimizing their overhead. Miva Merchant customers who use SmartFill™ to automate the eCommerce value chain can spend more time focusing on growing their businesses."Miva Merchant customers can visit www.webgistix.com/miva or contact Webgistix at 1-866-955-7791 to learn more about how Webgistix can help retailers maximize the ROI from their investments in Miva Merchant.About WebgistixWebgistix is a global leader in e-commerce fulfillment. The Webgistix approach is based on its innovative SmartFill™ solution -- the eCommerce industry's most scalable, efficient and reliable fulfillment platform. Webgistix's automated solution helps ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment, and is fully customizable for eCommerce retailers of all sizes around the world. For more information, visit www.webgistix.com.About Miva MerchantFounded in 1996, Miva Merchant has deployed over 200,000 online storefronts and provides a leading platform for online enterprises. The Miva Merchant Platform consists of software, services, and a partner network assembled for the purpose of helping to create and enhance online business. Miva Merchant partners are at the forefront in servicing the increasing number of enterprises using the Internet to expand their market reach. Partners can easily and quickly integrate the Miva Merchant platform of applications and API's with their existing services to deliver complete online business solutions. Miva Merchant is a leader in offering the ease of browser-based point and click online business creation, combined with deep customizability and integrated marketing services. For more information about Miva Merchant call 1.858.490.2570 or visit http://www.mivamerchant.com.

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