Webgistix Integrates with 3DCart to Automate Order Fulfillment, Reduce Costs for eCommerce Retailers (Redirect)

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EasyGreen.com Latest Internet Retailer to Leverage Webgistix SmartFillTM to Expedite Order Fulfillment

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- February 10, 2011 -- Webgistix Corp., the global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, today announced that the Webgistix SmartFill™ order-fulfillment platform is integrated with 3DCartTM Shopping Cart software. Merchants that use 3Dcart now have access to the industry-leading solution for outsourced, automated order fulfillment.Webgistix also announced that EasyGreen.com, a global provider of Micro-Gardening systems, integrated its 3Dcart shopping cart with Webgistix SmartFill™ to enhance its customer experience and speed order delivery."Once we integrated 3Dcart with Webgistix SmartFill™, our orders flowed seamlessly from sale to shipment,” said Sol Azulay, Founder of EasyGreen. “By outsourcing our order fulfillment to Webgistix, we have also reduced our fixed overhead, helping us scale our operation effortlessly while retaining control over the fulfillment process through SmartFill™."Webgistix SmartFill™ is the eCommerce industry’s leading fulfillment platform, a Cloud-based solution that gives retailers control and visibility over outsourced fulfillment operations. 3DCart customers can use Webgistix SmartFill™ to gain the benefits of outsourcing their order fulfillment while continuing to leverage their existing 3DCart-enabled eCommerce platform."By integrating 3DCart's popular and proven solutions with our SmartFill™ platform, Webgistix continues to lead the industry with advanced Cloud-based technology designed for online retailers," said Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Webgistix. "For ten years, we have been helping established online retailers, including EasyGreen, to scale their businesses while eliminating their overhead. 3DCart customers who use Webgistix SmartFill™ to automate their eCommerce value chain will experience increased sales because they have more time to focus on growing their businesses."3DCart customers can contact Webgistix at SmartFill@webgistix.com to learn more about how Webgistix can help them eliminate fixed costs, enhance their customer experience, and gain more from their investments in 3DCart. For more information about 3DCart Shopping Cart Software visit www.3dcart.com.

About Webgistix

Webgistix is a global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment that operates bi-coastal fulfillment centers that serve hundreds of established eCommerce retailers. Webgistix delivers SmartFill™, Cloud-based technology that works with all major shopping carts and is optimized for mobile commerce. Webgistix customers outsource their order fulfillment to Webgistix to eliminate fixed overhead, increase the speed and accuracy of their global order fulfillment, and retain control and visibility over their fulfillment operations. For more information, visit www.webgistix.com.