Webgistix Cements Global Footprint with Strategic New Hires and Corporate Rebrand

Continues to Empower Merchants as an Industry Leader in E-commerce Order Fulfillment as Rakuten Super Logistics

LAS VEGAS and CHICAGO, JUNE 10, 2014 -- Webgistix, a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, has rebranded, and furthered integration with Rakuten Super Logistics, after a Rakuten acquisition of the company in 2013. Webgistix will now operate under the name Rakuten Super Logistics, continuing to empower merchants as an industry leader. The Rakuten acquisition of Webgistix in 2013 continued the momentum behind Rakuten Super Logistics, helping to provide warehouse and order fulfillment services to US-based Rakuten.com Shopping merchants while also providing key components to Rakuten globally. Webgistix will continue to empower e-commerce retailers to manage their supply chains more effectively with its cloud-based suite of e-commerce solutions for order fulfilment, freight management, and shipment optimization. The Webgistix 2-Day Delivery Network will continue to provide U.S. merchants with the reliable, fast shipping delivery times that their customers demand, and this move marks increased momentum toward continuing to do so on a global scale, as an integral component to Rakuten Super Logistics.Joseph DiSorbo, Founder and CEO of Webgistix, said, “Rakuten Super Logistics is creating the first global order fulfillment platform for e-commerce retailers, significantly lowering the barriers to global e-commerce, and giving internet retailers around the world access to the global marketplace. A retailer located in Africa can source product in Asia, and sell seamlessly to Europe and North America – this signifies a huge step toward truly global e-commerce.”Over the past 12 years, Webgistix has built a substantial customer base that spans five continents and over 20 countries as well as a strategic network of company-operated fulfilment centers. By further integrating into Rakuten Super Logistics, it will enable merchants to continue to engage in a global partnership with their fulfilment services.

New Hires Cement Leadership as Global Alternative

As part of its continued momentum in logistics, Webgistix has made several strategic hires to cement its leadership in logistics and e-commerce order fulfillment within the global market.Mike Manizone has joined as vice president of operations, responsible for leading the Webgistix network of fulfillment centers in New York, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. With his strong background in order fulfillment, Mike is leading a team of highly experienced warehouse managers in this newly created role, in order to create an even stronger partnership between merchants and their logistics team.Kyle Henzel has taken on the new role of chief operating officer for Webgistix, responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations, including order fulfillment centers, IT and finance. As a senior executive for Webgistix, Kyle is regarded for his customer focus, industry knowledge and expertise across all of the company’s departments. Kyle joined Webgistix in 2001 as the director of operations responsible for delivering on the Webgistix Service Guarantee for fast and accurate order fulfillment to meet the needs of rapidly growing e-commerce merchants.Mike and Kyle’s strategic roles signify the Webgistix commitment to e-commerce retailers who can continue to rely on Rakuten Super Logistics to project their reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment.

The Future of Rakuten Super Logistics

This further integration of Webgistix into Rakuten Super Logistics indicates both the increasing importance and focus of the business on providing superior service to merchants globally. As consumer expectations for fast, reliable shipping continue to grow, logistics will endure as an integral element of the e-commerce model. Webgistix and Rakuten Super Logistics will continue to focus on providing customer benefit and benefit to all Rakuten merchants.Visit Rakuten Super Logistics at the Rakuten booth #251 at Internet Retailer Conference & Expo June 10 – 13, 2014.About Rakuten Super LogisticsFounded in 2001, Webgistix is a Rakuten company and a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment. Operating a strategic, nationwide network of fulfillment centers, Webgistix protects e-commerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment. The Webgistix SmartSuite of e-commerce services include SmartFill, SmartStock, and SmartShip Optimizer for calculating the optimal shipment method so orders are delivered at the lowest cost at guaranteed delivery times.Contact Us