Webgistix Announces Partnership with MerchantRun to Deliver Unsurpassed Order Fulfillment Service to eBay Sellers Worldwide (Redirect)

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MerchantRun GlobalLink Integrated with Webgistix SmartFill™ Order Fulfillment Gives China eBay Sellers Direct Access to U.S. Buyers

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- April 4, 2011 -- Webgistix Corp., the global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment, today announced a partnership with MerchantRun, the creator of GlobalLink trading software for eBay sellers. Domestic and international eBay sellers utilizing GlobalLink will now be able to take advantage of Webgistix’s SmartFill™ order-fulfillment solution to ship orders to customers in the United States with unmatched speed, accuracy, and convenience.MerchantRun GlobalLink is the premier international eBay trading software. It allows eBay users to schedule, list, and manage their product offers in dozens of countries through a single English interface.Webgistix SmartFill, the eCommerce industry's leading order fulfillment platform, is a cloud-based solution that gives retailers control and visibility over outsourced order fulfillment operations. The partnership between MerchantRun and Webgistix means that eBay sellers can now leverage their investments in GlobalLink to access a world-class order fulfillment solution."As eBay trading becomes more complex and competitive, sellers are increasingly exploring ways to maximize customer satisfaction and increase their DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings)," noted James Huang, CEO of MerchantRun. "Speed of delivery is a crucial component of DSR that has been difficult for sellers to influence until now. Webgistix has a tremendous record of speed, accuracy and customer service in order fulfillment, and now GlobalLink users will be able to bring that level of service to their customers, providing sellers with an unprecedented advantage.""GlobalLink's integration with SmartFill™ is a game-changer, and shows how MerchantRun's unique business services can break down barriers for eBay sellers and improve the efficiency of cross-border global eCommerce," said Joseph DiSorbo, President and CEO of Webgistix. "Webgistix already services online retailers from more than 15 different countries, including China, and is well positioned to lead the market for order fulfilment services through our bi-coastal fulfilment centers in the U.S. and our international footprint."eBay merchants interested in utilizing MerchantRun’s innovative trading software together with Webgistix order fulfilment services, contact us for more information.

About Webgistix

Webgistix is a global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment that operates bi-coastal fulfillment centers that serve hundreds of established eCommerce retailers. Webgistix delivers SmartFill, Cloud-based technology that works with all major shopping carts and is optimized for mobile commerce. Webgistix customers outsource their order fulfillment to Webgistix to eliminate fixed overhead, increase the speed and accuracy of their global order fulfillment, and retain control and visibility over their fulfillment operations. For more information, visit www.webgistix.com.

About MerchantRun

MerchantRun is the #1 eBay software and service provider, focusing on cross-border trade. Established in April 2004, the company maintains offices in Shanghai, China. MerchantRun delivers complete auction management solutions and expertise that revolutionize the way eBay multi-site business is conducted.

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