Top 11 Benefits of Using Shopify Plus

Top Benefits of Shopify Plus

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform, online retailers must consider a slew of factors in addition to income and user acquisition. Customer loyalty and interaction, omnichannel compatibility, conversion optimization, SEO, expansion and scalability, safety, charges, and more are some of the most frequent eCommerce issues that need to be prepared for and resolved.

It's not easy to pick the proper eCommerce platform to meet your organization's strategy and goals when there are over 120 to pick from. Our order fulfillment experts are going to illustrate why you should consider Shopify Plus as the new place for your online business.

1. Plenty of Customization Options

Each theme is designed to be responsive, which is crucial in the modern mobile customer base. By the fourth quarter of 2017, mobile payments accounted for 24% of all internet spending. This compares to just 1.8 percent in 2010. Shopify has launched "Sections" to allow merchants more freedom over customization. This drag-and-drop process makes customizing the look and feel of your online marketplace even simpler.

2. Managing Product Updates

Major and store upgrades can be a pain for eCommerce businesses, particularly when preparing for a product release. A large launch might entail a lot of changes, and one misstep on launch day can cause a headache.

The Launchpad feature is available to Shopify Plus merchants to help reduce some of that suffering. One could use the Launchpad feature to plan mass updates to correspond with the start and end of activities in your online marketplace, be it for flash discounts or new debuts. 

3. Continuous Growth of Shopify

Shopify had around 43,000 retailers using its platform in 2013. By 2017, there were 377,800 merchants spread throughout 177 nations. Shopify and Shopify Plus are now used by over half a million merchants around the world. By the end of 2017, one out of every three Americans had purchased something from a Shopify-powered retailer.

With over 1,950 people in six offices and remote people working all around the world, Shopify has evolved to meet the needs of retailers. More than 3,500 businesses have migrated to Shopify Plus for a variety of reasons.

4. Extensive Integration

Shopify is noted for its large app store and ease of connection with other platforms. More than 1500 apps have been reviewed and approved by Shopify, ensuring that they can be equipped to make operating your online store smoother.

Shopify Plus users benefit from a substantially higher number of API requests permitted. This allows several integrations to function together without worrying about exceeding API restrictions.

5. Customizable Workflows

Inventory control management can eat up a lot of time for expanding businesses. Automation gets increasingly important as a company grows. Shopify Flow adds time-saving eCommerce automated processes for inventory, consumer, and order control, along with smooth connection with crucial third-party applications.

Shopify Plus customers, for example, may establish a procedure depending on 3 easy steps:

  • Flow Trigger
  • Flow Condition
  • Flow Action

6. Easy to Use

Considering all of Shopify Plus's new features, the platform is remarkably simple to use, which is one of the company's biggest selling points for online retailers. With so much to do, having an online store that doesn't create hurdles or irritation in order processing and maintaining your company functioning is beneficial.

7. Efficient and Modifiable Discount Logic Engine

Shopify Plus, allows consumers to get discounts on various categories of products, it has also upgraded its marketing, promos, and discounted rates engine. If you really can manage a Facebook page, or you are familiar with a WordPress platform, you'll have little trouble navigating your merchant control panel, even at the corporate level.

8. Scalability

Because the Shopify Plus framework is tailored for larger businesses, they've ensured that it has limitless scalability to meet the needs of expanding eCommerce companies like Nestle and Bombas. Customers who upgrade to Shopify Plus get limitless bandwidth and approximately 200TB of storage. There's lots of space to build with Shopify Plus, it does not matter how you're scaling up.

9. Dedicated "Success Manager" 

A specialized "Success Manager" is assigned to each Shopify Plus account. These supervisors aren't just there to help and answer queries. Success managers offer a wide range of services, including design changes, project management, and more. Assistance with national store openings, business strategies to aid you to achieve your objectives, languages, and currencies are discussed as part of international growth advice.

10. Proven Market Place for Apps

Shopify Plus merchants profit from a substantially higher number of API requests allowed. This allows several integrations to function together without worrying about exceeding API restrictions. If you are unable to locate an app or connector for your ERP or CRM, you can always use Shopify Plus's REST API to hire your own programmers.

11. Advantageous Administrative Side

Shopify Plus features a built-in payment gateway without any transaction costs and no extra expenses on the administrative side. You can also choose from over 70 more payment methods.

Easy Shopify Plus Integration

Bigger eCommerce retailers and business brands can get all the tools they need to expand by taking the opportunity to prepare and test the Shopify Plus functionalities.

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