Tips for Successful Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales for Miami Retailers

Tips for Successful Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales for Miami Retailers

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday historically mark the official start of the holiday shopping season. Beginning as early as 5 pm on Thanksgiving night, Miami shoppers will pull out their lists and begin filling their virtual shopping carts. As a result of social distancing restrictions for brick and mortar stores, your online business is likely to see an uptick in sales this holiday weekend. Here are some holiday sales tips and ideas to make your Thanksgiving and Black Friday the biggest sales of the year.

Offer Multiple Deals

As seen by many successful online retailers, multiple offers and discounts are a great way to keep consumers on your site and inspire them to shop more. Examples of these may be a deal an hour, free shipping on specific items, and even a free gift with purchase. Using tactics like these will also flood your site with new and returning Miami consumers throughout both shopping days. Prepare for the holiday sales rush by ensuring your site is also ready for this influx of Miami customers and eliminate potential headaches before sales begin.

Display FAQs

As Miami locals flock to your site to make their holiday purchases, they may have questions about shipping, returns, and special requests. Clearly displaying the link to an FAQ page can help improve your shoppers’ online experience. Be sure to include shipping deadlines shoppers should know, a fully detailed return policy, and any additional costs or restrictions they may incur while ordering customized gifts.

Create a VIP Club

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep holiday shoppers coming back to your business throughout the entire year. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are great opportunities to offer these VIPs specialty treatment. Whether you choose to offer an additional discount on weekend sales or a sneak-preview earlier in the week for top products, your loyalty program can help cultivate stronger relationships with your biggest Miami customers.

Last year, holiday shoppers spent nearly $10 billion during Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. This year is a great opportunity for your online business to turn holiday consumers into loyal shoppers. Focus on creating a seamless shopping experience from purchase to delivery. 

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