The Benefits of Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment for Denver Businesses

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There are numerous reasons online sellers should choose a 3PL to handle their eCommerce fulfillment. As orders grow, so does the high demand for accurate logistics. Handling hundreds of orders daily can be overwhelming for retailers to continue managing through their in-house methods. The more orders that come in, the more likely businesses are to make mistakes. Recruiting a professional shipping partner to do the heavy lifting for your Denver orders can transform your entire operation. Here are three of the biggest benefits of outsourcing.

Lower Shipping Costs

On average, you can save around 15% to 35% off carrier shipping rates when partnering with a third-party logistics company. This is because the company sends large numbers of orders to shipping carriers on a daily basis. eCommerce sellers don’t process this many Denver orders using in-house methods and may not qualify for such large shipping discounts.

In addition to carrier discounts, you can cut your shipping costs by improving your logistics through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Automation is a big factor in successful logistics for professional shipping companies. Expediting the time it takes to locate an item, place it in the correct packaging, adhere the shipping label, and get it on the delivery truck can all be completed automatically with tech only available to professional companies. 

One final aspect of cheaper shipping is the use of multiple fulfillment centers. Working with a reliable 3PL like Rakuten Super Logistics gives you access to warehouses right in Denver. You’ll also have access to additional warehouses across the country strategically placed near all of your customers. You will spend less getting your items from the warehouse to your customers’ doors.

Improve Your Customer Experience

39% of customers won't return to a brand for 2 years after a poor experience. Outsourcing your fulfillment gives you access to a support team to help you easily manage returns, exchanges, and refunds your Denver customers’ requests. Since your products are housed in your 3PL’s warehouse, you’ll also have more room to store your new and incoming products and get them out to your customers sooner. A team of logistics experts can handle the flow of inventory and even keep you updated when merchandise is running low. By partnering with the right professional shipping company, you’ll find it easy to create a positive shopping experience for all of your customers. 

Get Your Time Back

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment with a Denver shipping partner is time. As your orders increase, fulfillment can become more and more difficult to successfully manage in-house. Instead of spending your days manually packing and shipping your customers’ orders, you’ll be able to use those hours to grow the most important areas of your business. Outsourcing will remove shipping and fulfillment from your daily to-do list, so you can focus on designing new products, marketing, and connecting with your customers.

As you grow your eCommerce business, it’s important to have a team of industry experts on your side. Outsourcing your fulfillment with a professional shipping company like Rakuten Super Logistics can help you streamline the most complicated part of your business. With nearly two decades of experience, we are experts in eCommerce logistics. Keep your Denver customers happy, obtain a supportive team, and successfully grow your business.

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Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is the leader in eCommerce order fulfillment services and freight brokerage. RSL offers national fulfillment services and a network of 15 US fulfillment centers located in Anaheim (CA), Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), Denver (CO), Houston (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Olean (NY), Reno (NV), Salt Lake City (UT), and Scranton (PA). Their state-of-the-art technology allows for integration with popular shopping cart platforms and online marketplaces including Amazon, Big Commerce, Channel Advisor, eBay, Magento, ShipStation, Shopify, Volusion, Walmart Marketplace, and WooCommerce. 

RSL offers modern fulfillment solutions for leading eCommerce retailers focused on reducing shipping costs, improving order accuracy, decreasing shipping times, and increasing customer satisfaction.