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How to Solve Your Biggest Problems in eCommerce Holiday Fulfillment

The data has been tabulated and predictions have been made: 2014 eCommerce holiday season sales will break all previous records. More and more holiday shoppers will be filling their gift lists online – but what do you need to do to ensure they’re filling their shopping carts on your site? And more importantly, how do you enhance your reputation and grow your sales with eCommerce holiday fulfillment? You can finish out 2014 as your most lucrative and money-making year as an eRetailer. Ensure you are prepared for the holidays in 2014 with four key fulfillment principles and strategies to guide you.

Start Early and Go Big to Maximize Holiday Sales

eCommerce holiday fulfillment can make or break your reputation. A successful holiday shipping policy is about more than just enticing customers with 2-day holiday shipping, or indeed free holiday shipping. Whether your business is planning to send goods across the country or across the world, the starting point is to identify the four principles that should guide your eCommerce holiday fulfillment operations: speed, accuracy, professionalism and quality. When your customers place an order with you, these four things are the absolute minimum that they expect and so this should be the absolute minimum of what you are prepared to give them. Go the extra mile this holiday season and you will find that your reputation grows and customers keep coming back throughout the year.Outsource Your eCommerce Holiday FulfillmentEven with these principles at the fore of operations, eCommerce holiday fulfillment can still be problematic when it comes to maintaining service levels with increased volumes during the holidays. Is your business ready to scale to meet the demands of holiday orders?Outsourcing order fulfillment can be the most cost-effective and reliable way to ensure that your reputation grows with eCommerce holiday fulfillment without additional investments of your company’s funds in more staff and more warehouse space. Companies like Rakuten Super Logistics can manage your freight deliveries (from port to warehouse), inventory and ensure your customer orders are being fulfilled within minutes of the customer clicking ‘Place Order’. Using a nationwide network of fulfillment centers also makes eCommerce holiday order delivery times faster with lower shipping costs.

How Can Rakuten Super Logistics Help You Get Ready for the Best Holiday Ever?

Rakuten Super Logistics, formerly known as Webgistix, is a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment. The eCommerce Holiday Prep Checklist for eRetailers is designed to make sure you get all your ducks in a row as you get ready for a great holiday season. For a free quote to see if outsourced order fulfillment can help you manage your reputation during the holiday season and throughout the year, click here - or call our Las Vegas headquarters at 1-866-983-7447.

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