Social Commerce and its Benefits for Online Retailers

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I recently mentioned that major social media networks are growing at an extraordinarily quick pace. So what does that mean for eCommerce? It means that another avenue of online selling, social commerce, is becoming increasingly prevalent and useful. But what is social commerce? While social commerce is still a relatively small proportion of online commerce, the growth of social networking means the benefits of social commerce are also growing. Not only that, there are also less visible ways in which social media is involved in an online purchase. 81% of online shoppers receive advice about their online purchases through a social networking site from friends or family. That means of the customers online retailers are generating from word-of-mouthing marketing, 4 out of 5 of them are getting their advice through a social networking site!

Does that mean all online retailers should be selling their products on Facebook or LinkedIn? Not at all. In fact, commerce through Facebook is limited to certain kinds of products and has not yet reached maturity. What it does mean is that all online retailers should at least have a presence on major social media sites. Having a social media presence can drastically increase the benefits of social commerce. It not only makes it easier for customers to refer business to you and promote your products but also gives you a chance to directly interact with potential buyers. The easier it is to share your product, the more traffic you will get from social media.

How have you promoted your product through social media recently?