Shipping Success Tips for Your Holiday eCommerce Merchandise

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Achieving successful shipping is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce holiday sales. Consumers expect retailers to consistently get orders out quickly and at discounted rates. Even last-minute purchases are expected to have a quick turnaround. Here are some tips for successfully shipping your holiday eCommerce merchandise.

Offer Multiple Delivery Options

One of the biggest perks customers expect at checkout is multiple options for delivery. If they are ordering months ahead, they may opt for the cheaper, longer delivery time. However, if their request is for a last-minute item, they are probably willing to pay the higher price to get their order sooner. Giving customers flexible delivery options helps them feel in control of their orders and leads to a better shopping experience and more purchases from your business in the future.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping will affect purchase decisions for 97% of your shoppers. Customers are more likely to shop from a company that offers free shipping even if it takes a little longer. During the holiday shopping season, consumers are looking for great deals, especially when it comes to shipping. They may even purchase more items if there’s an attainable threshold that helps them receive free shipping with their order. If your business chooses not to offer free shipping for holiday sales, you run the risk of your customer abandoning their shopping cart and heading to a competitor to finish their list.

Provide Customization Services

Holiday shopping season is the time to offer white-glove treatment to all of your customers, even when it comes to shipping. Offering customization services to every order can increase your holiday sales and make you stand out from the competition. Value-added services like gift wrapping and kitting are simple ways to create a unique experience for your customers.

Prepare for Rush Orders

Rush orders are inevitable during the holiday shopping season. Preparing your shipping processes for these last-minute requests is the key to success. Consumers expect retailers to responsibly ship and deliver all of their purchases before anyone notices they missed someone on their list. Clearly communicate deadlines for your holiday orders and outline any additional costs customers may incur for rush orders. Be sure to also note any delivery deadlines from shipping partners.

Stock Up on Shipping Supplies

If you’re using in-house fulfillment methods, it’s also a good idea to make sure your shipping supplies are well stocked ahead of time. Make sure you have an adequate number of boxes, packing materials, labels, and any other supplies that will make your holiday season successful. If you’re using an outsourced partner, verify that your 3PL has all of the necessary supplies and staffing to ship all of your holiday merchandise correctly and on time.

Efficient shipping is imperative for achieving a successful holiday shopping season. It’s important to start preparing for shipping your holiday merchandise now. Decide what kind of delivery options you will offer, and outline policies for rush orders and customization. It’s also a good idea to start talking to an outsourcing partner like Rakuten Super Logistics to ensure all of your shipping needs are met and that you’re prepared for the 2020 holiday shopping season.

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