Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. to Accept Bitcoin

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Opening Up E-Commerce to Merchants Worldwide, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. Explores Opportunities Presented by Accepting the Global Virtual Currency

LAS VEGAS- In a move toward truly global e-commerce, today Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix) announced that they will begin accepting bitcoin payments from their customers. Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. is a leading global provider of business-to-business order fulfillment services and software to online retailers.Rakuten Super Logistics is making e-commerce fulfillment payment options for merchants more accessible on a global scale. By utilizing bitcoin for payments, the company is positioned to meet the needs of e-commerce retailers who are among the most forward-thinking global businesses embracing the bitcoin technology.“Many of our merchants are accepting bitcoin on their e-commerce platforms, but none of our competitors are offering the opportunity to pay for order fulfillment services with bitcoin,” said Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. “Accepting bitcoin payment not only sets us apart from our competitors, but allows us to move closer toward our goal of a frictionless global e-commerce marketplace.”“Selling online is highly-competitive, and retailers no matter what industry they’re in have a high risk and cost of accepting payments compared to brick and mortar retailers,” said Tony Gallippi, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at BitPay. “By accepting bitcoin from the customer and using bitcoin for logistics, fulfillment, and the supply chain, a company can multiply their savings and see a bigger impact on the bottom line.”Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. will begin accepting bitcoin payments immediately via BitPay, and has already seen requests from existing international customers to pay with the digital currency.DiSorbo added, “More broadly, the bitcoin protocol, and decentralized applications have the potential to enhance service offerings across a wide range of industries including e-commerce. We are working to apply this new technology to the benefit of market participants, especially those who can’t now easily access the global e-commerce marketplace.”Bitcoin Impact on E-Commerce from Supplier to Seller and BuyerBitcoin usage is growing rapidly on a global scale. The number of online retailers accepting bitcoin is accelerating. Recent retailers such as Dell Computer (NASDQ: DELL) and Overstock.com (NASDQ: OSTK) started accepting bitcoin. This is due in part to services from companies like BitPay, Coinbase, and Blockchain that are making it easier for retailers and consumers to accept and use bitcoin by eliminating the transaction risk. Furthermore, the fees to transact in bitcoin are significantly lower than using Visa (NYSE: V), MasterCard (NYSE: MA), or American Express (NYSE: AXP) and there is zero chargeback risk for the retailer.“As the bitcoin ecosystem develops and adoption spreads globally we will soon see a global retailer conducting their entire business in bitcoin,” said DiSorbo.About Rakuten Super Logistics U.S.Founded in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix www.webgistix.com) is a Rakuten, Inc. (4755: Tokyo) company and a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment. Operating a strategic, nationwide network of fulfillment centers, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. protects e-commerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment. The Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. SmartSuite of e-commerce services include SmartFill, SmartStock, and SmartShip Optimizer for calculating the optimal shipment method so orders are delivered at the lowest cost at guaranteed delivery times.