Rakuten Super Logistics to Showcase 2-Day E-commerce Delivery Model at 2014 Rakuten Expo East

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Event to be held at the Grand Hyatt, New York, New York, is designed to help eTailers maximize opportunities within Rakuten’s growing global marketplace.

Rakuten Super Logistics, formerly Webgistix, today announced it will exhibit its latest fulfillment technology and 2-day delivery on August 7, 2014, at the Rakuten Expo East. Rakuten Super Logistics will showcase its 2-day fulfillment model at the show and the advanced cloud-based SmartFill™ platform, which gives e-Tailers a comprehensive overview of their shipping and inventory from a single interface that can be viewed on any Internet-enabled device. The full day event is hosted by an international group of Rakuten divisions and representatives which includes the Marketplace team, executive staff members and expert speaking guests.Rakuten Expo East will provide top-level e-commerce vendors with an overview and update on Rakuten’s on-going business strategies. The event will also provide education and training, and will offer merchants the ability to meet face-to-face with key Rakuten representatives to provide feedback on how Rakuten can continue to build the best possible online Marketplace.E-commerce companies interested in growing their business by outsourcing their order fulfillment can speak with Rakuten Super Logistics executive team member Kelly Matzenbacher, Vice President of Business Development. Matzenbacher will explain how Rakuten Super Logistics achieves its award-winning speed and accuracy across a fulfillment network that includes facilities in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno and Scranton. Rakuten Super Logistics 100% Accuracy Guarantee and 2-Day Delivery Network helps protect e-commerce retailers’ reputations and exceed buyer expectations when it comes to accurate and fast delivery of online orders. This drives fewer customer service inquiries, facilitates positive online reviews and helps increase sales.“Attending Rakuten Expo East is a must for all e-commerce retailers who want to take advantage of the myriad of business opportunities available through the global Rakuten network,” said Matzenbacher. “Rakuten Super Logistics is carefully positioned to be at the forefront of global e-commerce fulfillment with our SmartFill technology.”About Rakuten Super LogisticsRakuten Super Logistics (formerly Webgistix) is a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, operating a 2-Day Delivery Network of fulfillment centers located in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno and Scranton. Rakuten Super Logistics empowers e-tailers to grow their businesses and compete globally by eliminating the headaches associated with order fulfillment. Rakuten Super Logistics is known for delivering industry firsts such as the 100% Automatic Accuracy Guarantee, Responsive Customer Support, and SmartFreight services that save you time and money on global and domestic freight movement.

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