Rakuten Super Logistics Releases Holiday Prep eBook

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Early preparation may help e-tailers solve their biggest problems in e-commerce holiday fulfillment.

LAS VEGAS, Friday, July 25, 2014 – Rakuten Super Logistics, formerly Webgistix, a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, today released a 2014 Holiday Prep eBook for e-commerce retailers. The printable guide identifies several areas of business operations online stores will need to focus on to prepare for shipping and fulfillment during the rapidly approaching holiday season. “A record-breaking number of consumers are expected to shop online this holiday,” said Joseph DiSorbo, president of Rakuten Super Logistics. “E-commerce holiday fulfillment can make or break an e-tailer’s reputation and bottom-line. This eBook is a fun tool designed to protect e-retailers’ reputations by helping them get ready to deliver during their busiest season.”Holiday shoppers are looking to buy from sites that can guarantee accurate orders, speedy delivery, order tracking and the absolute lowest shipping costs. Many busy online stores struggle with maintaining service levels during the amplified holiday volumes. High order volumes and tight shipping deadlines increase the probability for incorrect and/or late orders, which often result in unhappy customers who tax customer service and complain in online reviews.Although summer is still in full swing, e-tailers have a long list of preparations that must be addressed for a successful holiday season. From marketing plans to website redesigns, most e-tailers begin preparing for the season several months in advance to be ready on time. The Rakuten Super Logistics 2014 Holiday Fulfillment Handbook provides a step-by-step guide to planning and preparing for: inventory, warehousing/storage, shipping supplies, staffing, important dates and fast and free shipping.Rakuten Super Logistics is known for its 100% Accuracy Guarantee and 2-Day Delivery Network that helps protect e-commerce retailers’ reputations and exceed buyer expectations when it comes to accurate and fast delivery of online orders. This drives fewer customer service inquiries, facilitates positive online reviews and helps increase sales.About Rakuten Super LogisticsRakuten Super Logistics (formerly Webgistix) is a global leader in e-commerce order fulfillment, operating a 2-Day Delivery Network of fulfillment centers located in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno and Scranton. Rakuten Super Logistics empowers e-tailers to grow their businesses and compete globally by eliminating the headaches associated with order fulfillment. Rakuten Super Logistics is known for delivering industry firsts such as the 100% Automatic Accuracy Guarantee, Responsive Customer Support, and SmartFreight services that save you time and money on global and domestic freight movement.