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To prepare for the busy upcoming holiday season, it is important to take a look at trends from the previous year, learn from them, and plan accordingly. A study done by Magnetic on holiday shopping trends revealed that a prominent trend from the 2015 holiday season was an influx in last minute shoppers. About ⅓ of holiday shoppers were purchasing gifts just a few weeks before the holiday. For this year's holiday rush, you should be ready to use this shopping trend to win over last-minute holiday shoppers.You can start by taking a look at the calendar to see what days major holidays fall on this year. This is very important for holiday planning; for example, Christmas may fall on a Sunday which can have a huge impact on shipping and last-minute holiday shoppers. Details like this are important to keep in mind when planning for successful holiday fulfillment.  Secondly, you need to ask yourself a few questions: When is the latest possible date that you can ship an order to make it to your customer in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other important dates? And, how does it stack up against your competition? Can you cater to those last-minute shoppers who need their purchase delivered in just two days? If your answers to these questions have you worried, it may be time to evaluate your shipping capabilities and possibly partner with a third party logistics company to help you win more last-minute holiday shoppers and earn more profits. Offering fast and free shipping during this holiday season is crucial and will help you to win last minute holiday customers. Shoppers today don’t just want fast and free shipping, they now expect it. In fact, 82% of customers want free shipping to be offered at the time of checkout. Potential customers will be more likely to make a purchase if you offer free shipping, or free shipping with a minimum purchase amount.  Partnering with an expert order fulfillment company will help you measure up to your competition this holiday season and will make offering enticing shipping deals easy and cost-effective for your company.Recently, Rakuten Super Logistics partnered with Practical Ecommerce in a webinar titled "Outsourcing Fulfillment to Drive Holiday Sales" where eCommerce expert Armando Roggio discussed how outsourcing fulfillment can help boost your holiday sales, customer satisfaction and retention rate. In the webinar, Roggio emphasized how the ability to push your “last Christmas shipping date” back as far as possible can significantly benefit your sales and profits, noting that this is easily accomplished by partnering with a third party fulfillment company with multiple warehouses located nation-wide. Roggio also points out that “free, speedy shipping is a fantastic retention tool”. If your customers are impressed by the fast and inexpensive shipping of their order, they are going to remember you the next time they are in a rush to get a product delivered to their doorstep in a timely, cost-effective manner. Also, think about your opportunity costs. Would you rather be hand picking and packing orders this holiday season or focusing on higher-value activities like developing a marketing plan or simply spending more time near the fireplace with your family?With a network of fulfilment centers strategically placed across North America, Rakuten Super Logistics has your fast and reliable shipping covered, which will make a happy holiday season for both you and your customers.You can ensure that those last-minute shoppers get their gifts on time for the holiday with our 2-Day Delivery Network, which allows you to reach 98% of the US within 1-2 business days. Outsourcing your fulfillment and shipping to Rakuten Super Logistics can help save you time and money. The 2-Day Delivery Network, expert customer service and 100% accuracy guarantee give you the highest quality fulfillment in the industry at the lowest possible cost. When you partner with Rakuten Super Logistics you will find that your reputation grows and customers keep coming back throughout the year. Is your business ready to meet the demands of holiday fulfillment? Click here to schedule a free holiday fulfillment evaluation from one of our fulfillment experts.

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