Order Fulfillment Success Tips for Your Holiday eCommerce Merchandise

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The holiday shopping season can be both a productive and stressful time for eCommerce retailers. Consumers are expected to spend 13% more this 2020 season. Retailers specializing in clothing, health, electronics, toys, and home accessories are expected to feel the most pressure from increased customer demand. Between creating sales, receiving specialty merchandise, and preparing for a significant increase in customer orders, it can be difficult to achieve error-free holiday order fulfillment. Here some eCommerce order fulfillment tips that can help you experience a successful order fulfillment for your holiday eCommerce season.

Make Customer Service a Top Priority

Customer service is an integral part of any eCommerce business. It’s especially important during the holiday season. Customers are tirelessly looking for the perfect gift and want to shop from retailers that deserve their hard-earned dollars. When they receive an incorrect order, it can result in serious issues for your business. eCommerce order fulfillment errors lead to bad reviews and irate customers. Consumers will even stop shopping at an eCommerce store after experiencing just one error. Treat your customers with care by managing every order precisely. If you can’t handle the customer demand, consider reaching out to an outsourced order fulfillment partner like Rakuten Super Logistics who offers 100% order accuracy every time.

Create a Policy for Last-Minute Orders and Changes

When it comes to holiday shopping, you can guarantee that your customers will have a last-minute change, cancellation, or purchase. Will your business make changes or additions to orders halfway through fulfillment? Will there be additional fees the customer needs to be aware of? Creating a detailed plan for when these instances inevitably happen will help you avoid any chance of an order fulfillment error.

Measure Your Order Fulfillment Performance

One of the simplest ways to prevent eCommerce order fulfillment mistakes during the holiday shopping season is to continuously track how well your process is doing. Evaluate your fulfillment using measurements like customer response time, time from pick to packing, order accuracy, inventory shrinkage, and your overall fulfillment cost. Keeping an eye on these metrics will immediately clue you in when something isn’t running efficiently. Then, you can correct the issue and continue to meet your customers’ demands easily.

Outsource Your Fulfillment

The holiday shopping season is generally the busiest and most profitable time of year for online retailers. 89% of shoppers plan to buy or purchased gifts during the holiday season. This increased demand from customers needs professional support to ensure order fulfillment is 100% successful. Working with an outsourced partner can help alleviate the fulfillment stress eCommerce retailers experience when running in-house operations as well as give them more space for their holiday merchandise, receive better discounts with shipping providers, expedite order fulfillment times, and have an extra set of hands to manage the influx of purchases.

84% of customers will not return to a retailer after one poor experience. This is why accuracy in order fulfillment is the key to making your holiday shopping season run effortlessly. Ensuring your customers are prioritized, detailing your policies, measuring your performance, and recruiting professionals when needed will help you achieve a profitable and stress-free 2020 holiday season.

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