Joe's Thoughts : The Importance of Operational Mobility

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For those considering outsourcing their fulfillment, there are important, and often unsaid, distinctions between companies that can mean the difference between a mediocre service and an exceptional one. Many companies will advertise that they have multiple fulfillment centers / warehouses located around the country. However, there is a difference between fulfillment companies utilizing a third party warehouse and those who own and operate their own.

For a fulfillment company, operating their own warehouses provide significant advantages over merely delegating the actual fulfillment operation to a third party. The most important advantage is this: total control over fulfillment operations. This means a fulfillment provider can be flexible, and accommodate customers operationally when it needs to. It means the company can test and carry out new plans to improve speed and accuracy. It means customer service representatives can actually examine a online retailer’s products to resolve any issues. Overall, choosing a fulfillment provider with total control over their fulfillment operations is a necessity for eCommerce retailers who want personalized service and a commitment to improvement.

I’ll be answering some commonly asked questions on the blog, so if you have any questions about eCommerce, order fulfillment, or Rakuten Super Logistics in particular, feel free to make a comment on this post.

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