How to Use Tik Tok for Your Shopify Business

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In recent news, Shopify and Tik Tok partnered to bring eCommerce to one of the country’s most popular social platforms. With this partnership, Shopify businesses can now sell their products right on the Tik Tok platform and tap into their highly engaged audience. As a result of this new collaboration, the eCommerce industry will likely see more advances in the multichannel selling arena as other platforms look to compete for these consumers.

Impacts on eCommerce Industry

Many online business owners utilize social media as a large part of their marketing strategies. Previously, these options were limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the audiences that spent their time on those channels. With this new partnership, Tik Tok is changing the game of social selling. Consumers on this channel expect authentic content and want to connect with real businesses. Even if retailers don’t currently have a large following, they can still capitalize on this audience. Other social channels are focused on competing to capture these highly engaged shoppers. As a result, even Twitter has announced they are looking into eCommerce options for organic tweets. With the dependency on eCommerce consistently growing, these top social channels may consider pivoting their focuses from users to merchants in order to support this consumer need.

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Benefits for Your Business

The first question retailers may be asking is, “What does this mean for my business?”. If you are already using Shopify as your storefront, this partnership means new opportunities for you. On this platform, your business can run low-cost ads and easily promote new or best-selling products. Tik Tok is even offering a $300 credit for new merchants on the platform. The duo is continuing to develop the eCommerce options including full storefronts linked in creator videos, discover features specifically for merchants, and the ability to checkout within the Tik Tok app. This will help drive even more awareness of your business and help increase your profit.

Outsourcing Your Shopify Fulfillment

As your orders increase with this new shopping experience, you’ll need to have a plan for managing your Shopify fulfillment. In-house methods may not be the best choice for your business once you’ve started producing thousands of orders a month. Outsourcing your orders with a professional shipping company can help you ensure all of your packages are processed and delivered on time. Not only will you reduce your costs, but you’ll also eliminate the stress of shipping and fulfillment and get your time back. Then, you can spend more of your time creating authentic content and engaging your new customers on Tik Tok.

This new partnership has opened the door for eCommerce merchants across the nation and is likely one of many new initiatives we will see in 2021.

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