How To Level Up Your Current Fulfillment Strategy

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If you’re using a self-fulfillment model to manage orders from your eCommerce store, you’re not alone in your struggle. A large percentage of businesses are still using in-house fulfillment to pick, pack, and ship all their orders to their customers. However, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy and modernize your fulfillment process by partnering with a specialized 3PL that provides fulfillment center services. An outsourced fulfillment solution can save you time, money, and give you the ability to scale your business.


Whether you’re handling a few hundred or a few thousand orders a month, outsourcing fulfillment is the ideal solution. In-house fulfillment can take hours, if not days, to complete (adding to wait time for customers!) Although it feels like you can give extra attention to each box when you’re doing it yourself, you run the risk of burning yourself out or missing shipping deadlines. 

A 3PL like Rakuten Super Logistics can offer a reliable modern fulfillment solution to every package that heads out the door to your customers and save you valuable time. Instead of worrying about how you’ll process hundreds of orders, you can rest assured that your fulfillment partner is expertly managing every package to ensure it arrives complete and on time. Then, you can use your extra hours focusing on things like connecting with your customers and developing new products. 


Monetary benefits also come from implementing a modern fulfillment solution. Choosing a third-party fulfillment solution gives you access to a dedicated team to pick, pack, and ship your products, as well as specialized equipment, facilities, and shipping discounts. These resources can help you optimize your fulfillment process by increasing the speed and accuracy at which your orders are filled. This allows you to save money because you will experience fewer mistakes and inefficiencies. eCommerce fulfillment providers like Rakuten Super Logistics guarantee 100% accuracy and 1-2-day ground shipping.


Modernizing your fulfillment solutions with a leading 3PL allows you to grow and scale your business. If you are hand-filling every order from your own living room or storage unit, chances are your customers may be waiting a while to receive their purchases. A big advantage of outsourcing is the ability to use multiple warehouses. Whether your buyers live on the east coast or west coast, using multiple fulfillment centers can help you speed up your delivery time and increase customer satisfaction. Your company will also have more room to grow with unlimited storage space across the country and a flexible workforce.

The biggest difference between self-fulfillment and outsourcing comes down to time, money, and scalability. If you’re considering optimizing your fulfillment solution to eliminate errors, expedite delivery time, and grow your business, consider taking advantage of eCommerce fulfillment services from a third party like Rakuten Super Logistics. Compare your current shipping and fulfillment rates with Rakuten Super Logistics and see how a modern fulfillment solution can increase delivery speed AND save you money. 

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is a national leader in eCommerce order fulfillment and freight brokerage. RSL’s nationwide network of fulfillment centers allows leading eCommerce retailers to reduce shipping costs, improve order accuracy, decrease shipping times, and increase customer satisfaction. Contact us to request a quote and learn more about partnering with RSL to fulfill your eCommerce shipping needs. 

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