How to Improve Customer Loyalty

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As eCommerce grows, so do the expectations of consumers. Customer loyalty is the key to a thriving business. If customers don’t feel valued, they will leave. It’s important to retain these customers not only to keep up your reputation but also to save you money in the long run. New shoppers cost far more than keeping long-term customers happy. So how do you keep customers coming back in the new year? Offer competitive shipping options and unmatchable customer service.

Free Shipping

Shipping costs can make or break an online sale. In a recent study, 60%  of surveyed consumers reported abandoning their online cart due to high shipping fees. Free shipping is a great option to start incorporating in your 2021 business plan, but it can seem daunting to implement. The biggest question you're likely asking is how can you make a profit while offering free shipping options. The answer is simple – negotiate with carriers, ship from multiple facilities, and improve your fulfillment. 

Negotiate with Carriers

Let’s start with carriers. Although we have seen some increases in carriers’ surcharges during the last year, shipping companies still want your business. The more product you send out, the more likely they are to offer you a discount. Working with a professional shipping company can help drive this cost down as well. The simplest way to implement these discounts is to start building a relationship with your preferred carrier and prove your worth. Show that your volume is increasing and their business will benefit from your orders too. You can then use this data to negotiate.

Use Multiple Facilities

Shipping from multiple facilities will give you the ability to offer free shipping. Your packages will spend less time in transit from warehouse to doorstep – saving your money in the long run. You can also use local carriers and even speed up delivery times. Unless you purchase multiple warehouses across the country, you will have to rely on a reliable third-party logistics company to help you ship from multiple locations. 

Improve Fulfillment

Fast and accurate order fulfillment is imperative to keeping costs down for your eCommerce business. Inaccurate orders will destroy your reputation and rack up your overhead. Instead of making money, you’ll spend more replacing orders and absorbing the cost of returns. Speeding up your fulfillment time and increasing efficiency will help boost your profit and give you room to offer free and discounted shipping options. 

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Customer Service

70% of consumers stop shopping with a retailer after one bad customer service experience. Here’s how you can improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Team

Communication is crucial to boosting your customers’ loyalty. Having a dedicated customer service team can help answer all of their major questions, suggest products, and resolve any issues that happen along the way. Whether you choose to utilize social media as your means of contact or stick with traditional email, you must give your customers clear direction on how they can reach you. It’s important to then stay engaged with them – frequently reach out to thank them for their business, introduce a new product, and ensure they are being well taken care of. 

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a simple way to encourage customers to keep coming back for more. 

Whether it’s a punch card or a referral code, loyalty programs can motivate your customers to continue buying your products. The best way to keep customers engaged is by offering discounts for those who are enrolled in your program. Everything from free gifts to percentages off – your customers want a program that makes them feel valued. Not only will they buy more of your products, but they will also continuously turn to your business first to fulfill their needs. 

Happy customers are the key to growing your business. The more pleasant their shopping experience, the more likely they are to visit your store again.  Your profits will soar. Your cart abandonment will decrease. Overall, your business will boom.

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